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The Miner Legacy

CVPH employees are the living legacy of William H. Miner’s contributions to regional health care.

Building Physicians Hospital

The story goes that on Christmas Day in 1922, Mr. and Mrs. William Miner were having dinner with their good friends, Dr. and Mrs. Cassius Silver. The discussion, as it nearly always did, turned to the state of health care in the North Country.

Dr. Silver said he’d like to build a new hospital in Plattsburgh. After dinner, the four walked down Beekman Street and Mr. Miner turned to his wife and said, “Alice, you pick the spot.”  What followed was a new and exciting era of health care for the North Country.

True to his reputation, no expense was spared in building the 212-bed Physicians Hospital at 100 Beekman Street. Those who came to the facility expected the best health care and they received it. The staff, from the men and women who prepared the meals to those who performed surgeries in the four operating rooms, was dedicated to excellence and to perfecting their skills and the care they provided.  They knew they were part of something special and took great pride in doing their best for themselves and their friends and neighbors.  Mr. Miner would have it no other way.

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The Miner Legacy

Today, CVPH employees are the living legacy of Miner’s contributions to health care, but his reach went beyond the walls of Physicians Hospital. Establishing Heart’s Delight Farm, which became Miner Institute; the first central school district in the country, funding two local museums – one that bears his beloved wife’s name – and building several dams and powerhouses that provided electricity to his farm, the school and the surrounding community are just some of the many accomplishments of this man who came from small beginnings. His holistic approach to life and learning included knowledge, practice and compassion. As Joseph Burke, Ph.d., author of William H. Miner: The Man & The Myth pointed out, “He repeatedly returned to the theme that true education must combine theory, practice and feelings, for true learning required head, hand and heart.”

CVPH employees have adopted Miner’s philosophy and developed our own guiding principle:  Every day, I devote my head, hands and heart to my patients, my peers and my community.

CVPH Guiding Principle


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Physicians Hospital circa 1926