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Talking to Your Children About COVID-19

It feels like the COVID-19 virus has turned our world upside down. Schools are closed, leaving teachers across our region teaching their lessons in front of a computer or smartphone instead of a classroom. Restaurants are only offering take-out or delivery. There are even digital signs on the highway telling us to stay home. As a region, we’ve fought through natural disasters like the Ice Storm and Tropical Storm Irene. We’ve come back from national tragedies like the 9/11 terrori [...]

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Paying it Forward for Patients

Why Janet Mann Gives

You do not need to be at the bedside to realize the difference that donations make in the lives of our patients. Janet Mann, Supervisor of Patient Centered Care Management – Medical Home, has witnessed the need in our community first hand over the past decade. During her time at Medical Home, the team has helped countless patients secure everything from medications, blood pressure cuffs and scales to durable medical equipment, all while ensuring that patients are educated about their tr [...]

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Teamwork, quick-thinking action save patient's life

Julie Brown was already in a fight for her life, receiving radiation therapy at the FitzPatrick Cancer Center in February for lung cancer, when she began suffering another life-threatening emergency. “And I said to my sister, I’m not coming home tonight,” the 49-year-old from Port Henry recalled. “I’m telling you right now, if they don’t do something to me today, I’m going to die.” Knowing that the cancer may already be taking away time with [...]

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Giving Back to The Foundation Supports Employee Growth

As a mother of two young children, Maria Latinville, MS sees growth in some form just about every day. Growth is also a big part of what drives her and the work she does at CVPH. “So when we think about the three things that we focus on here every day, our patients, our people and our community, my job has a huge impact on the people who take care of the patients,” Maria explained. “And that work feels really good to me. I love when I help someone grow within their current r [...]

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Reflecting on a Year of COVID-19

We have reached a sad moment in our ongoing fight against COVID-19: it has been one year since our first inpatient death from the virus at CVPH. Since April 10, 2020, we have lost 28 souls at the hospital to this unprecedented public health crisis. They were mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, adult children, grandparents, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, and cousins. They were friends, colleagues and neighbors - our patients. Each profound loss represents what could have been, if [...]

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This is Our Shot

How COVID-19 vaccinations can open doors

If we all want to get back to the things we’ve missed most since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s time to shift our thinking about what getting vaccinated means. As COVID-19 spread across the globe, those of us in medicine believed that a vaccine would even-tually be our way out – a return to normalcy. As it turned out, three have been developed and approved for use. They work tremendously well in preventing the worst outcomes from this virus: hospitalization and death [...]

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Caring for the Community Beyond These Walls

Nurse Practitioner Speaks About Giving Back

It’s been nearly 30 years since Jacqueline Riley, NP-C came to SUNY Plattsburgh from Long Island, New York for nursing school. In that time, she has become very familiar with the community that she cares for on a daily basis. “We’re a pretty tight knit community here,” Jacqueline, a Senior Nurse Practitioner at The University of Vermont Health Network-Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital’s (CVPH) Skilled Nursing Facility and Adult Mental Health unit, recalled. &l [...]

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A Gift for the Heart

Why Nancy Houth Gives

Nancy Houth, an exercise specialist, has seen a lot in her three decades at CVPH. She has worked with pulmonary rehab patients, helped diabetes patients achieve their weight goals and guided cardiology patients down a path back to better health. Regardless of her role, Nancy said one of the most rewarding aspects for her is seeing patients she works with get better throughout the process. “I’ll see a patient in a stress test, and they have a bad test. So I send them to the cath la [...]

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CVPH: The Next Generation of Health Care

When COVID-19 arrived in our community nearly one year ago, no one could have imagined the impact the virus would have on each one of us, both personally and professionally. I’m filled with pride in recalling how every member of the CVPH family rose to the occasion for those in our care and for each other. Throughout this time, our team has remained committed to providing the care our patients needed while supporting one another in meaningful ways.  On the home front, families and [...]

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Donating to Help Our Patients

Why I Give

It didn’t take Jodie Lanning, LMHC long to fall in love with her job at The University of Vermont Health Network-Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH) when she started in 2008. One of her biggest thrills is helping her patients every step of the way on their journey to better mental health. “Often times, you see someone when they first come in and they’re kind of at their lowest,” Lanning noted. “But as you work with them, see them improve and get discharge [...]

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Small Donations Make a Big Difference

CVPH Employee Opens Up on Why She Gives to The Foundation

Working at the same place for nearly three decades means you’re going to see a lot and know a lot of people. “I consider a lot of the CVPHers my friends and family,” Quality Support Specialist Laurie Cross, CPHRM said. “Some of them are my family by blood. My mom, my grandmother, a lot of people I know have retired from here.” Cross, a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 1, has been at CVPH for a lot of joyful moments. And there have been some scary situations. [...]

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