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Giving Her Patients Something To Lean On

Gina Rickert of Orthopedics Services Keeps Patients In Mind During Her Saturday Treasure Hunts

On almost any Saturday, you can find Gina Rickert and her husband perusing through boxes and tables of “this, that and everything.” Avid treasure hunters, they travel the North Country’s backroads and neighborhoods in search of bargains and one-of-a-kind deals. Included in that list are canes, walkers, crutches and other items that an orthopedic patient might benefit from. As the Practice Supervisor for Orthopedic & Sports Medicine, she says there is always a need. &ldqu [...]

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A Little Piece of My Mom

The Foundation of CVPH intern's perspective of a new program submitted by Jess Rojas

My mother was five months pregnant, and like most expecting mothers, spent her free time reading baby name books. She was expecting her third child, a daughter. She had finally decided on the name Kassandra after her favorite childhood novella protagonist. We loved it. My mother was experiencing a bit of discomfort one afternoon. She reassured me it was normal. My father insisted on taking her to the hospital just in case as soon as he came home from work. My father was a chef and would work [...]

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CVPH Family Medicine Residency Exceeding Expectations

2018 class will expand to six

"So far, this residency exceeds all of my expectations,” explained Stephen Winfield, MD, one of four Family Medicine Residents of the UVM Health Network – CVPH Family Medicine Residency.  A native of Prince Edward Island, Canada, Dr. Winfield said the quality of the people at CVPH, access to exceptional facilities, the community and the strong affiliation with the University of Vermont Medical Center have made his experience so far, exceptional. As a member of the first [...]

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What I learned when we recruited for a Manager of Volunteer Services

 We’re fortunate to have many volunteers at the hospital who come in to help and to make a difference throughout the hospital – of course I know that.  What I didn’t know is just how committed these folks are to lending a hand and wanting to help people.    During the transition and recruitment of a new Manager of Volunteer Services, Foundation staff has been filling in to guide new volunteers through the onboarding process, helping with any issues tha [...]

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Seizing Every Opportunity to Make a Dfference

Kim Bracey, RN, helps a family stuggling to keep a loved one safe

Fortunately for one local family, Kim Bracey, RN of the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit is a life-long learner – on and off duty.  In addition to many years of service to CVPH, Kim has been a dedicated member of the Morrisonville Ambulance Service.  To be the best for her patients, at the bedside and in the field, Kim stays current with new practices, programs and services. It’s at one such EMS educational event that Kim met Sgt. William Dominy of the Clinton C [...]

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Small Steps Can Offer Big Gains

Adding More Activity Into Your Lifestyle

For those seeking a healthier lifestyle for the New Year – and beyond – an improved diet should not be the only factor to consider. Yes, healthier food choices go a long way in helping people gain a better quality of life, but without some strategy for enhancing daily life activities, weight loss and improved physical fitness will be a daily struggle. “We suggest that people start off with small goals,” said Alissa Benware, a health and wellness specialist for the U [...]

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Creating A Partnership To Preserve Family Memories

Building Bridges

Grief is love’s unwillingness to let go. In her 7 years as an Intensive Care nurse, Nicole LaTray, RN has witnessed many expressions of grief but a recent request from one patient’s family member truly surprised her. “Her granddaughter wanted a tattoo of her fingerprint. My patient was on comfort care and it was somewhat of a surprise to the family. She had been ill for some time but this was sudden. They asked me if I could help them obtain her fingerprint because her grand [...]

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Jean Gidding's Small Gifts Bring Big Smiles

Celebrating a year of extraordinary CVPH People & A Much Deserved Retirement

The following is the first CVPH People blog, launched a year ago to celebrate the extraordinary people who come to work here each day and devote their head, hands and heart to their patients, their peers and their community.  We’re also reposting this blog as a tribute to Jean Giddings of Environmental Services who retires after 38 years. Congratulations Jean and thank you! Jean Giddings, a 36-year veteran of the Environmental Services Department, makes her way across the parking [...]

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A Small Package Makes A Lasting Impression

Melissa Rock-McCasland never forgets what it means to be a nurse

The packet of salt is never far from Melissa Rock-McCasland, RN, Clinical Informatics Analyst III.  She keeps it tucked in her portfolio, along with her phone and other work-related essentials, as a reminder of how important a simple act of kindness can be. The salt was given to her by a woman she helped in the hospital cafeteria early one morning. “She was ordering something from the omelet station; she looked kind of frail and so I offered to get her a tray (that would help her c [...]

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CVPH Volunteer Kit Booth: Moving Forward by Giving Back

Helping Patients One Visit at A Time

The Emergency Department is a perfect assignment for Kit Booth.  In that fast-paced environment, he’s able to make genuine connection with someone in need.  It seems to come naturally to this affable and authentic gentleman.  As part of a corps of volunteers assigned to the Emergency Department – which sees close to 54,000 patients each year, Kit visits patients to see what they may need to make their stay more comfortable. “Maybe it’s a warm blanket or a d [...]

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A Man With A Plan

Mike Cahoon Is Committed To Keeping His Community Safe

If Mike Cahoon shows up to work bleary eyed and a bit sluggish, no one wonders anymore what he’s been up to. Mike is the CVPH Director of Emergency Management and has served as the chief of the Chazy Fire Department for 20 years so it’s likely he’s been up most of the night with other dedicated volunteer firefighters dousing a fire. He’s been a volunteer firefighter for 32 years and has become expert at balancing family life with his career and his intensive involvemen [...]

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