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Patient Advocate Ashley Doyle, RN Brings a Bit of Sunshine to A Woman’s Darkest Day

Ashley Doyle, RN Patient Advocate Manager recently received The Beryl Institute’s Ruth Ravich Patient Advocacy Award at the institute’s international conference held in Dallas, TX. The award recognizes individuals whose work supports the vision of bringing the patients’ needs to the center of healthcare. The Beryl Institute is the global community of practice dedicated to improving the patient experience through collaboration and shared knowledge. And there she was. Alone, [...]

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Catherine LaPier, RN Never Wastes An Opportunity to Help

Adirondack Medical Home Care Manager Helps Patient One Last Time

When Catherine LaPier, RN dreamt about a career in health care as a 16 year-old nurse aide, it was a sure bet that arranging a patient’s funeral was not part of the plan. Yet that’s exactly what she found herself doing years later as an Adirondack Medical Home Care Manager.  “I initially considered becoming a pharmacist but eventually decided on nursing,” explained Catherine, who, like many in her profession, became a nurse to help people in their time of need. In [...]

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Seasoned Nurse Still Learning Today

Storm  Treanor, RN, makes her way through  the CVPH Emergency Department (ED) seemingly un-phased by the beeping and buzzing of technology and constant whirlwind of activity.   As a registered nurse with more than 50 years of experience, she currently works rotating shifts (per diem or as needed) in the ED and is in her element. “Currently, my full-time job is EMS Coordinator for Clinton County.  I coordinate education, certifications, supplies and logistics for [...]

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Donating a Kidney Was An Easy Decision for Peggy Bolster

Behavioral Health Nurse Helps A Stranger In Need

Ask most people to describe a hero, and it’s likely a cape and mask may be part of the discussion - not comfortable corduroys and a long sleeved cotton shirt.  But that’s what Peggy Bolster, RN wears most days when she comes to work as a Clinical Operations Supervisor on the Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit.   Bolster rejects the idea that she’s hero despite having donated a kidney to a complete stranger a little over a year ago. To Peggy it seems [...]

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Dori's patient couldn't speak English: No problema

Bilingual nurse helps new mom

Imagine being in an unfamiliar country, unable to speak or understand the language. Now add to that being at your most vulnerable, facing a life-changing  event like the birth of your first child?  Doris Hanson, RN of the Alice T. Miner Women & Children’s Center (CWC) met a young woman facing those challenges and vowed she wouldn’t do it along. Hanson is an experienced and bilingual nurse who was working the night the expectant mom was admitted to the CWC with signs [...]

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Seizing Every Opportunity to Make a Dfference

Kim Bracey, RN, helps a family stuggling to keep a loved one safe

Fortunately for one local family, Kim Bracey, RN of the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit is a life-long learner – on and off duty.  In addition to many years of service to CVPH, Kim has been a dedicated member of the Morrisonville Ambulance Service.  To be the best for her patients, at the bedside and in the field, Kim stays current with new practices, programs and services. It’s at one such EMS educational event that Kim met Sgt. William Dominy of the Clinton C [...]

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Creating A Partnership To Preserve Family Memories

Building Bridges

Grief is love’s unwillingness to let go. In her 7 years as an Intensive Care nurse, Nicole LaTray, RN has witnessed many expressions of grief but a recent request from one patient’s family member truly surprised her. “Her granddaughter wanted a tattoo of her fingerprint. My patient was on comfort care and it was somewhat of a surprise to the family. She had been ill for some time but this was sudden. They asked me if I could help them obtain her fingerprint because her grand [...]

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A Small Package Makes A Lasting Impression

Melissa Rock-McCasland never forgets what it means to be a nurse

The packet of salt is never far from Melissa Rock-McCasland, RN, Clinical Informatics Analyst III.  She keeps it tucked in her portfolio, along with her phone and other work-related essentials, as a reminder of how important a simple act of kindness can be. The salt was given to her by a woman she helped in the hospital cafeteria early one morning. “She was ordering something from the omelet station; she looked kind of frail and so I offered to get her a tray (that would help her c [...]

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Gail LeClair Treats Our Patients Like Family

Nursing professional offers comfort

 “I just thought: what if this was my father?,” explained Gail LeClair, Patient Care Operations Director as she recounts a day that began like many others but turned out to be quite special.  That thought was the first thing that came to mind as she walked into the Intensive Care Unit Waiting area to check on an elderly man who was transported to the hospital with his daughter who had a massive heart attack. The Patient Care Coordinator had asked Gail to check on the fat [...]

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CVPH Veterans conduct Flag Retirement Ceremony

Event was prompted by Skilled Nursing Facility resident

It’s a little before 10 a.m. on June 14. Residents of the CVPH Skilled Nursing Facility are gathered around the flag pole on the front lawn of the hospital taking their rightful place in the front row to witness what will be CVPH’s first annual Flag Retirement Ceremony.  After all, it was their idea.  Retired Air Force Veteran Ken Thayer, RN, explains to the audience that the ceremony is taking place because a resident asked, “What does CVPH do for Flag Day?” [...]

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Greg Freeman's Compassion Never Rests

Occupational Health & Wellness supervisor helps fellow traveler, bring peace of mind to her family

There is no “on” or “off” switch for health care professionals.  Kindness and compassion are not constrained by a timeclock.  So it’s no surprise Occupational Health and Wellness Supervisor Greg Freeman, RN, never gave a second thought to helping a couple in his downtime.   In a conversation with a casual acquaintance, Greg learned that the gentleman’s wife was going on vacation and there was reason for concern.  Serious illness and th [...]

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Sherry Deyo-Pugh, RN Goes The Extra Mile

Emergency Department Nurse Keeps Patients' Needs On Top of Her Priority List

“It’s what anyone would have done,” said Sherry Deyo-Pugh, RN of the University of Vermont Health Network – Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Emergency Department.   After working a full shift in the ED, she volunteered to drive the elderly wife of a patient to the University of Vermont Medical Center where he would receive life-saving heart surgery.  “They drove themselves to the ED. They had no family close by.  The patient was taken to o [...]

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CVPH People - Everday Extraordinary

Jessica Bernard, RN, Inspires Another Chapter

Registered Nurse helps terminally ill patient and learns important life lesson

One smile can start a friendship, one person can change your life, and time is precious.  Jessica Bernard, RN carries that lesson with her every day because she has been witness to it. Currently working in The UVM Health Network – Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Post Anesthesia Care Unit, and previously in Interventional Radiology (IR), she met the man who would teach her this most important lesson. Using advanced technology and high quality imaging, Interventional Radiologist [...]

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