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Finding "The Sweet Spot" In Healthy Eating

New Years resolution tips on reducing sugar in your diet

For many, the thrill of a New Year’s resolution can become a bit overwhelming after a few weeks. Trying to adjust one’s lifestyle can also be very stressful and lead to potential failure, but there are steps people can make to improve their eating habits by simply reducing the amount of added sugars in their daily diets. “Added sugars contribute to increased calories in the diet, but added sugars can also contribute to severe chronic conditions, such as diabetes, fatty li [...]

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The Truth About Colonoscopies

Why you need to stop ignoring the facts and get tested

Face it – no one really looks forward to getting a colonoscopy.  The procedure is often viewed as “embarrassing” or “uncomfortable.” As a result, many of us put off getting tested.  But the reality is no one can afford to make excuses or ignore the facts. Learn why you need to stop stalling and get screened for colon cancer. You’re at risk if you’re over 50 Getting a colonoscopy is extremely important for people over the age of 50, or for [...]

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Colon Cancer Screening Options

Testing Options for Colon Cancer

Types of colon screening procedures you should know about

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers, and one of the easiest to treat when detected early.  According to the American Cancer Society, the incidence rate for colorectal cancer has dropped over the last 20 years, due in large part to colon screenings. That’s why regular screenings are so important. While most of us have heard of colonoscopies there are multiple types of colon screenings. Some involve a trip to the doctor or an outpatient care center, while others can be pur [...]

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