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A Calming Voice for Cancer Patients

Amy Keith Honored With BEE Award

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a scary time for our patients. The emotions are overwhelming, on top of the many appointments that need to be scheduled. Often, a calming voice can make a powerful difference for these folks as they begin navigating their way through treatment. Calmness and compassion are what Amy Keith, the office coordinator for Medical Oncology at The University of Vermont Health Network – Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital’s (CVPH) FitzPatrick Cancer Center (FCC) [...]

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Supporting Your Survivorship

CVPH Program Helps Patients Cope With Life Beyond Cancer

If hearing, “You have cancer,” is one of the scariest things your doctor can say to you, then the other side of that, “You are cancer free,” is certainly one of the best things to hear. But for the millions of people who are living beyond cancer each year in the United States, it is not always that simple. “After the treatment is done, it’s difficult to explain. As much as it feels good, there’s always this tug at you,” Kim Bresette of Platts [...]

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Caring for a Colleague in an Emergency

Cancer Center Nurse Practitioner Honored With DAISY Award

Nearly the moment Cheryl Brunet, RN started working her shift at the University of Vermont Health Network-Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital’s (CVPH) FitzPatrick Cancer Center (FCC), she knew something was wrong. Brunet started having chest pains and was fearing the worst: that she was having a heart attack. That’s when Rachel Hite, FNP-BC, OCN, a Nurse Practitioner in the FCC, jumped into action. And the care she provided her colleague is why Hite has been named the hospital&rsquo [...]

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Nurse Recognized for Supporting Breast Cancer Survivors

Jeanine Lynch, RN Honored With DAISY Award

A nurse’s push to educate and raise awareness is making a dramatic difference in the lives of breast cancer survivors in the North Country. That is why Jeanine Lynch, BSN, RN, OCN, CBCN has been honored as The University of Vermont Health Network-Champlain Valley Physician’s Hospital’s (CVPH) 17th DAISY Award recipient. A Breast Care Navigator (BCN) at CVPH since 2017, Lynch works tirelessly with patients to help them through their fight against cancer. She assists with sche [...]

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Breast Cancer Survivors: “The care you need right here at home.”

Two patients inspired by physicians, staff at CVPH and FitzPatrick Cancer Center

Beating the toughest opponent they had ever faced, two North Country women are praising their physicians and care teams at CVPH and the FitzPatrick Cancer (FCC) center for saving their lives. Lisa McGinn and Chris Bigelow are connected by friendship and their battles with cancer. They received the same diagnosis just months apart: a rare form of invasive cancer known as mucinous carcinoma of the breast. In each case, the cancer was caught during a routine mammogram. Bigelow and McGinn say tha [...]

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Don't Delay Care

Don’t Delay, Get Screened Today The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things in our lives but not the importance of regular cancer screening. Screening for breast, cervical, colorectal, lung and prostate cancers can dramatically improve treatment outcomes and in some cases, prevent the cancers from occurring in the first place. According to the National Cancer Institute, when detected at its earliest stages and confined to the primary site, the 5 year survival rate for: Breast [...]

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Breast Cancer Survivors Raise Big Bucks for Foundation, FitzPatrick Cancer Center

Organizers inspired by care at FCC

Connected by friendship, grateful to beat breast cancer and inspired by the compassionate care they received, two North Country women organized and hosted a fundraiser that will benefit cancer patients in the region for years to come. Lisa McGinn and Chris Bigelow are also hoping it demonstrates the power of community-based generosity and the benefits such an event can offer to The Foundation of CVPH and the many lives it touches, while convincing others to take action and give back in any way t [...]

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Leading and Learning

Nurses Recognized for Professional Development

Two nurses at the FitzPatrick Cancer Center have been honored with Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) awards as part of their dedication to improving the lives of their patients. Colleagues gathered for a surprise ceremony in the FCC for Rene Cooper, BSN, RN, OCN and Nora Mockus, BSN, RN. Both nurses are veterans of the LEAD program at CVPH. This is Cooper’s third time through and it is Mockus’ second. “It was a little easier the second time around, because I kn [...]

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Chelsey Bushey Understands that Great Patient Care Comes In Many Forms

Chelsey makes a difference every day.

Cancer Peer Educator Chelsey Bushey knows that there are truly many ways to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people we serve. She’s been part of the CVPH team for a little over 5 years working first as a Transporter and later, as a Clinical Assistant. Both positions allowed her to share her compassion and kindness and gave her the opportunity to assist patients when they needed it most.  “I love patient care – helping people,” Chelsey said. So t [...]

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The Truth About Colonoscopies

Why you need to stop ignoring the facts and get tested

Face it – no one really looks forward to getting a colonoscopy.  The procedure is often viewed as “embarrassing” or “uncomfortable.” As a result, many of us put off getting tested.  But the reality is no one can afford to make excuses or ignore the facts. Learn why you need to stop stalling and get screened for colon cancer. You’re at risk if you’re over 50 Getting a colonoscopy is extremely important for people over the age of 50, or for [...]

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Early Detection: How colon screening could save your life

Save your life; get screened for colon cancer

Fact: If you are a man or woman over the age of 50 you’re at risk of colon cancer. That’s a tough pill to swallow.  The way to deal with it? Get tested. Colon cancer is preventable. Getting screened can help detect cancerous polyps or early stage colon cancer. According to the American Cancer Society: When diagnosed at an early stage the survival rate for colorectal cancer is about 90%. But, only about four out of ten colorectal cancers are found at that early stage. When can [...]

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Colon Cancer Screening Options

Testing Options for Colon Cancer

Types of colon screening procedures you should know about

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers, and one of the easiest to treat when detected early.  According to the American Cancer Society, the incidence rate for colorectal cancer has dropped over the last 20 years, due in large part to colon screenings. That’s why regular screenings are so important. While most of us have heard of colonoscopies there are multiple types of colon screenings. Some involve a trip to the doctor or an outpatient care center, while others can be pur [...]

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