Match Day: Family Medicine Residency Takes One Step Closer to Welcoming First Class

Program will increase access to primary care in the North Country

What is “Match Day?”   Well, it depends on whom you ask. 

To a medical student, it’s the day that marks the reward all of their hard work has earned them: a position in a residency program in the specialty of their choice.  They’ve worked tireless hours developing their clinical skills, learning the ins and outs of practicing medicine and studying endlessly for qualifying examinations.

To a program, specifically, to our new Family Medicine Residency, it’s a victory.  It’s the day that our rural community hospital gets to celebrate and welcome the addition of four resident physicians.  We have the privilege to “grow our own” doctors and teach them how to take care of our own friends and loved ones.  The hope, of course, is that once they complete their three years of training with us they’ll have fallen so in love with the beautiful Adirondack Coast and our warm community that they’ll choose to practice here for years to come.  However, if one of our graduates decides that another location is the right fit for them, we’re confident the training we’ve provided them will serve them well anywhere.

Lastly, if you ask any of the Family Medicine Residency faculty, we may have many descriptive words for Match Day (exciting, stressful, anxiety inducing, sleep robbing...) but all would agree that it has been (among all the other things) an incredibly rewarding experience.  One that will fill us with great pride as our first class arrives in July – and the same sense of pride when we see this first class on graduation day: four brilliant, highly competent, CVPH-raised Family Medicine Physicians.

Match Day 2016 is Friday, March 18