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Why I Give

Robin Bashaw, RN Is Paying It Forward

When it came to figuring out what Robin Bashaw wanted to do when she grew up, there was never really any doubt.

“I’ve always wanted to be a nurse ever since I was a little girl,” Bashaw explained.

What started as a dream when she was a child is now a reality every day as an RN with Progressive Care. But that dream may not have come true without help from the Foundation at CVPH.

“I used Foundation of CVPH grants to get my way through nursing school,” Bashaw recalled. “It was just a wonderful program for me, because I was able to still work and still be able to go to school and get some help to supplement what I needed to get through school.”

Bashaw took advantage of one of the many scholarships and grants that are available through the Foundation. She became a registered nurse in 2006 and has not looked back. Now a veteran on the floor and at the bedside, Bashaw wants to pay it forward.

“It makes me feel good,” she said. “Knowing that somebody else gets the chance that I had thanks to that little bit of extra help. It’s a really fulfilling feeling.”

Bashaw also wants to remind her co-workers that you don’t need to give a large amount of money to the Foundation to make a huge difference.

“Anything is always enough. Whatever you can give, that’s enough, because that’s what you’re able to donate. I want people to understand why we do this, to help out other people and patients and families so that the community can grow.”

Donating one dollar per pay period adds up to $26 per year. If every CVPH employee were to do that, the Foundation would receive more than $60,000 to invest right back into our patients, our people and our community.

Join the cause by filling out an I Give pledge card and turning it in to the Foundation office, or look for the green drop box in the cafeteria. You can also learn more about what the Foundation does, the funds available for employees and members of the community, and donate online by clicking here.