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Positive Affirmations

Taking a Moment: Mindful ways to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic

Aron Steward, PhD

Today, I'm going to talk to you about positive affirmations. Some people also call these mantras. Basically, it is a phrase that you repeat over and over and over in order to bring yourself comfort and calm and soothe yourself. It can be anything you want it to be.

What you want to do is think about that short phrase when you're feeling calm and comfortable. It should be succinct and something that you feel is true and honest that you can conjure up when you need it and you're not feeling very well. Here are a few to help get you started:

  • “I have what I need.”
  • “My team is strong.”
  • “I’m doing my best.”

Those are three examples that you could use. But, the important part is for you to figure out what statement, what affirmation, what mantra works for you in order to make yourself feel better when you're up against an obstacle. So the tip of the day is positive affirmations and mantra.

You're going to come up with your own that's individualized when you're feeling well enough to do that. And when you need it, you'll repeat it as many times as you can or need to in order to change your own personal channel so that you can keep on going.

Thanks for spending time with me. It's always a pleasure. I'll see you next time with the next tip.

Robert Althoff, MD and Aron Steward , PhD from CVPH Psychiatry offer tips and information about coping during this time of crisis.