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The Easter Bunny

The little girl who became the bunny

It was a spectacular spring day in 2002. The sun was shining and the breeze no longer swept the cold from the snow-covered ground. By Adirondack standards, it was warm.  The little 4-year old girl, Easter basket in hand, takes her place among the throngs of other youngsters waiting for CVPH Easter Egg Hunt to begin. Despite the event being only a few years old, it was wildly popular and hundreds of families gathered around the perimeter of the hospital’s front lawn.  The young hunter cared little about that; there were chocolate stuffed eggs scattered all over the lawn and she was going to fill her basket.   

Flash forward 14 years and that same girl scans the parking lot at the hospital for a convenient parking spot. She checks the rear view mirror to be sure her eye make-up is done right and the pink nose she applied at home is still intact. A second check in the side view mirror of her beat up Toyota is needed after she puts the bunny ears on. After a 14-year affiliation with the CVPH Easter Egg Hunt, she’s reached the top – the guest of honor – The Easter Bunny.  She strolls through the crowd, covered in pink fur, remembering the excitement of that day long ago when she too waited anxiously for the announcement to “GO!” and the race to collect the brightly colored eggs began.  She’s been in their shoes and now her shoes are fuzzy and white.  She’s been part of the team that keeps the CVPH tradition alive -- hunter, bunny assistant, and distributor of eggs.  Wearing the Bunny suit with pride, she looks forward to the photo ops and hugs.


The Easter Egg hunt was established as a way for the Auxiliary of CVPH to give back to the community. The group CVPH Kids at Egg Hunthad been fundraising for some time in support of hospital capital projects that included, among other things, a new Emergency Care Center. Their leadership felt it was time to say thank you.  This annual tradition became much more than a simple thank you and it’s become one of The Foundation of CVPH’s most popular events. The Easter Egg Hunt is an opportunity for many in the Plattsburgh region to connect with their local hospital – to see it for what it is, a true community asset. For the little girl who would become The Bunny, it’s been a reminder that giving back to the community comes with its own rewards and should be something that is never taken for granted – even in a pink bunny suit.