Greg Freeman's Compassion Never Rests

Occupational Health & Wellness supervisor helps fellow traveler, bring peace of mind to her family

There is no “on” or “off” switch for health care professionals.  Kindness and compassion are not constrained by a timeclock.  So it’s no surprise Occupational Health and Wellness Supervisor Greg Freeman, RN, never gave a second thought to helping a couple in his downtime.   In a conversation with a casual acquaintance, Greg learned that the gentleman’s wife was going on vacation and there was reason for concern.  Serious illness and the medicine used to treat it tired his wife and often left her confused.  Unfortunately, the man would not be able to accompany his wife in her travels.

Further discussion revealed that the woman and Greg were headed in the same direction, on the same flight from the same airport.  Greg never hesitated. “Of course, I’ll escort her down,” he said.  “No problem.”  On day one of his vacation, Greg offered his help and provided peace of mind to a couple that would always be grateful.

“As a nurse, you are a patient’s advocate. You are there for them. It’s what we do,” explained the 20-year veteran.

Greg facilitated a meeting prior to the trip to discuss arrangements and ensure his new travel companion was all the more comfortable.

On the appointed day, Greg met his new friends in the airport where they said their goodbyes and well wishes. “We sat together, her and my family, and talked while we waited for the plane. We checked in and went through security. A few times on the flight, I checked on her.”

Arrangements were made for assistance, upon arrival, for the now weary traveler.  As planned, his new friend  - now safe and sound - was met by her family to begin her time of much needed rest and relaxation.

Now a member of the team that cares for the people who take care of patients, Greg understands and deeply appreciates the work nurses do. He has worked as an emergency care nurse, in the FitzPatrick Cancer Center and other various roles around the hospital. As part of the Occupational Health and Wellness department, he’s been instrumental in offering a wide variety of programs to CVPH employees like CSA/Farmers Market, healing touch, massage therapy and a number of services that address the specific needs of health care workers.   “I like the variety of the profession and helping people in need. It’s just what we do.”