Providing Great Care in Our Post-COVID World

Michelle LeBeau, President, Alice Hyde Medical Center & CVPH

Thanks to your vigilance and the tireless efforts of health care workers across the North Country, we are embarking on the next chapter in the COVID-19 pandemic.

This part of the story begins with the New York State Department of Health’s approval for us to resume elective surgeries and the phased reopening of our region. While CVPH remained open for care throughout this health care crisis, our response to COVID-19 required us to pause non-essential services and programs to conserve supplies and resources for a potential surge in Coronavirus cases.

We are gradually and deliberately resuming those services and expanding diagnostic testing with the providers you know and trust. COVID-19 has changed all of our lives in ways we never imagined. It is also changing some of the ways we deliver the care you need and deserve. Here are some of the things you might notice:

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing: As usual, exam rooms are thoroughly cleaned between patient visits. We are also cleaning common areas like check-in desks, waiting rooms, door knobs and faucets frequently every day. Hand sanitizer is readily available.
  • Screening: During the new pre-registration process for lab work, office visits and pre-appointment reminders, you’ll be asked additional health questions. Everyone who comes into our facilities will be asked these same questions and have their temperature taken.
  • Patient Testing: New York State now mandates that patients receiving certain outpatient surgeries or procedures must be tested for COVID-19 in advance. Your provider will arrange the testing.
  • Face Masks: All of our staff will be wearing a mask and you’ll be required to wear one, too. If you don’t have a mask, we’ll be glad to give one to you.
  • New Waiting Rooms: To encourage proper social distancing, we have fewer chairs in our waiting rooms, and you’ll notice floor markings to help with social distancing. In some cases, your car will be the new “waiting room.” You will check in by phone and be taken directly to the exam room. To help limit the number of patients that come to our facility at any one time and reduce waiting times, we’re scheduling some services that before COVID-19, you could receive without an appointment.
  • Visiting: For everyone’s safety, those accompanying patients for procedures and testing will be asked to wait in their cars or return to CVPH at a designated time. We continue to comply with New York State Department of Health guidelines and are prohibiting visitors with a few very specific exceptions. Our telephone service is free for all patients and tablets are available to help patients stay in contact with loved ones.

This COVID-19 pandemic has not put an end to strokes, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes or mental health and it won’t prevent a broken arm. Remember, if you’re in need of emergent care, our Emergency Department is always open and ready to help. Please don’t delay seeking care – your health is too important.

As an alternative to an in-person visit, your provider may offer a telephone or video option to discuss your medical concerns in the comfort of your own home.

The story of this pandemic is not yet complete. Regardless of the challenges in the chapters ahead, our journey begins and ends with our steadfast commitment to provide you and your loved ones the very best care. Thank you for your inspirational support. Know that we will be with you every step of the way as we adapt to the “new normal” of health care and our every day lives together.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay strong.