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Vein Finder Provides Comfort For Youngest Patients

The Difference Your Donations Make

Mindy LaPier, RN, CVPH Labor and Delivery: “It’s always hard for parents to have to sit there and watch their baby be stuck with a needle, whether it’s for blood work or an IV, and sometimes it takes multiple tries."

“If you can’t get it in, you can’t give them their antibiotics, you can’t start any treatment without having their lab values, so you just keep trying and trying and trying."

Now, the vein finder gives patients and employees peace of mind.

Mindy LaPier, RN, CVPH Labor and Delivery: “It’s always stressful trying to put an IV or draw blood work on a baby, especially we encourage parents to be right there at the bedside when we do it. So having the added stress of them just staring at you and watching every single move that you make, and then if you don’t get it the first time, you’re like ‘Oh man! I have to do it again, and the baby’s going to cry even more’ – versus with the vein finder, we can usually get it in on the first try, and then everybody’s essentially happy from that point on.” 

And, the vein finder is not just for babies. LaPier notes that It's helpful for adult patients, as well.

"When we have moms that come in that have had severe vomiting and dehydration, we can use it on them also. And especially those with substance abuse issues, we’re able to get their IV in on the first try usually instead of multiple types before having to call IV therapy to use an ultrasound, even.”

“We do have some adults that come in and specifically ask for it when they come in, because they know they’re a hard stick.”

LaPier described how the vein finder works.

"It’s very simple to use. There’s an arm, so you can kind of adjust it to the different heights that you want it. And you can actually pull it right out, so it’s hand held. And it’s very simple to operate. There's one button to turn on and off, and then there’s a green light that comes out. So you put it over the skin, and you can see where the veins are. And like I said, it doesn’t tell you how deep the veins are, but it shows you exactly where they are.  

The Alice T. Miner Women & Children's Center began using the vein finder in 2019. The Foundation of CVPH covered the entire cost of $5,645 for the equipment.

The Foundation purchases equipment and helps fund programs that otherwise would not be possible at the hospital. You can make a difference in the lives of our patients and the entire community by donating here.