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Foundation Scholarship Program Helps Employees, Students

The Difference Your Donations Make

CVPH Clinical Assistant Meaghan Wells has a lot to balance between work, pursuing a degree at Clinton Community College to become a registered nurse and home life.

“My days are very busy, because I also have 3 young kids at home," Meaghan said, as she described what she loves most about them. "My daughter is into dance. The 2 younger ones are free spirited. They do what they want."

As for what it is about her children that makes her smile: "When they all get along. When they all play together really well," Meaghan recalled with a big smile.

Something else she loves: working at CVPH, something Meaghan has done for 14 years.

“I enjoy the patient contact. I’m in the resource pool because I like the variety. I'm never in the same spot usually 2 days in a row. I get go all over the hospital.”

While Meaghan loves her job as a clinical assistant, she is also looking to take the next step by studying to become a registered nurse and is taking classes at Clinton Community College. However, Meaghan admits it is a financial challenge while trying to also raise a family of five. That's when her husband, Mark, remembered the scholarship program offered by The Foundation of CVPH.

"My husband actually works here at the hospital also, and he suggested ‘Why don’t you try?’ And I was like, ‘Why would I try to get that, I’m not going to get it.’ But then I got the paperwork in, and I got it. So it paid for this whole semester’s class.”

Meaghan recalled the moment she found out and how excited she was to get the news.

"The Foundation actually messaged me and said ‘You got the scholarship’ and the amount of the scholarship, which was way more than I expected it to be. So I was like, ‘Yes, I got it! That’s going to help out!’"

The timing of the news turned out to be significant for another reason for the Wells family.

"The week that I found out that I got the scholarship, our dryer totally died," Meaghan said.. "It wouldn’t work at all, and I was like, ‘Well ok, thank God I got this.’ It’ll help more than with school, but with home, too.”

“If it weren’t for The Foundation, I wouldn’t have had that extra money in my pocket. I mean, yes, it was for school, but it also helped me out because I had a broken washer and dryer at home. They helped out tremendously, financially.” 

So far this year, The Foundation has awarded scholarships to 30 CVPH employees totaling $33,000. It has also provided a total of $11,000 to 12 high school graduates pursuing careers in health care.

The Foundation purchases equipment and helps fund programs that otherwise would not be possible at the hospital. You can make a difference in the lives of our patients and the entire community by donating here.