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A Gift for the Heart

Why Nancy Houth Gives

Nancy Houth, an exercise specialist, has seen a lot in her three decades at CVPH. She has worked with pulmonary rehab patients, helped diabetes patients achieve their weight goals and guided cardiology patients down a path back to better health. Regardless of her role, Nancy said one of the most rewarding aspects for her is seeing patients she works with get better throughout the process.

“I’ll see a patient in a stress test, and they have a bad test. So I send them to the cath lab. They come back to me in six weeks, while going through their care plan, and they’re feeling good and have a better test. If they go to cardiac rehab, I see them down there. So, I get to see the patients - full circle,” Nancy explained.

Most days, she spends her shifts working with cardiology patients. Something else she has her heart in: helping The Foundation and giving back to the community.

“I just think if you can give, you should give,” Nancy offered. “That’s kind of my motto. Fortunately, I can give, so I do.”

One way she gives back is through her work as a Department Champion for The Foundation during the Employee I Give campaign. Nancy wants to make sure everyone on her team is aware of the impact The Foundation has on patients and her colleagues.

“I wanted to educate people. Look at how many of us have been to conferences that The Foundation has given us money for. How many of us have benefited, both patients and employees, from the equipment that they helped purchase through mini-grants,” she said.

Nancy pointed out the Holter monitors that the CVPH Heart Center has received in recent years. The Foundation helped purchase monitors that can be used for up to 96 hours, saving patients time and money by avoiding daily trips to the hospital to switch out the devices (learn more about Holter monitors here). Those monitors were purchased because of the employees and community members who support The Foundation’s annual Stepping Out for Your Heart fundraiser. Proceeds from the event, which raised $30,000 this year, benefit the CVPH Heart Center.

Nancy said she hopes more co-workers are able to contribute to The Foundation so they can share in the joy she feels about giving back. She also noted that it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

“I think you start slow with a dollar or two a pay period,” Nancy offered. “That’s what you spend on a cup of coffee when you go to the cafeteria. Better yet, if you go to Starbucks every morning, that’s $5. If you give up coffee once every two weeks, that can be your donation. You’re not going to miss it, and you’re doing some good at the same time.”

Employees can join the cause by donating online, filling out an I Give pledge card and turning it into The Foundation office at 75 Beekman Street in Plattsburgh, dropping the pledge card in interoffice mail to The Foundation of CVPH or scanning the filled out card and emailing it to There are also a variety of ways that members of the public can give. Click here to learn more.