A Letter of Thanks & A Happy Reunion

Essex Family Returns to Emergency Department to Say Thank You

Tristen Benway, purple cast on each arm, returned to the Emergency Department recently with a card of thanks and bouquet of flowers for Registered Nurse Emmalee Colby. With her was her mom, her sister and a family friend. They made a special trip from their home in Essex.  It’s not often that the Emergency Department staff is visited by a patient just to say thanks. So when little Tristen’s mom called to ask if they could come by, the team was thrilled at the idea of visiting with the family who wrote such a heartfelt note of thanks:

This letter is to thank everyone (The letter was sent to the ED, CT Scan and X-ray, Pediatrics and the General Surgery) that cared for my daughter Tristen Benway. She was brought in by Willsboro-Essex ambulance following a cycle accident with possible two fractured arms and an abdominal laceration with intestinal protrusion. Upon arrival we were greeted outside with professional help. As we walked through the door a lot of nurses and doctors/physician assistants were waiting to see what was going on and to assist with my daughter’s injuries. Everyone was also very helpful to me as I was in a panic attack and felt like I could have passed out.  I was able to hold it together with the help of all of you. I can’t remember all the things that happened in the ER. Shortly after assessment we were off to CT then to X-Ray. Everything went quick. Before I knew it, the surgeon was in the room to talk to me about what was going to take place and how long surgery could take depending on what she found. Around 9 p.m., she was in the OR. The 3 hour wait seemed like days but he nurses were great on coming out to keep us updated on what was going on. Then to see Tristen during recovery the nurses were great as well in this department. Then,(we were transferred) to the pediatric floor for the night. The nurses there were awesome as well. All information on medications was given. All questions were answered. They were not only frequently checking on Tristen but checking on me. I was a wreck.

The lady and gentleman that came to draw Tristen’s blood Friday and Saturday were great as well. Tristen was very pleased and didn’t have any complaints with them either.

Emmalee from the ED came back to check on Tristen before the start of her shifts which really touched her heart. The lab lady brought her get well gifts which was very sweet and nice of her. Thank you very much -- each and every one of you for the excellent care.

One last thank you to EMT of CVPH for the transport to the University of Vermont Medical Center!

Sincerely, Heather Spear, Tristen Benway, Jerry Benway and Taylor Spear.

As it sometime happens between a caregiver and patient, a special bond formed between Emmalee and Tristen and the registered nurse stuck close to her former patient and now friend, as Dr. Everly welcomed Tristen back to the ED.  Flowers in hand and with a bit of a nervous smile, Tristen answered some of doctor’s questions about her first visit to the ED but it was clear that Tristen’s recollection of the accident were fuzzy.  What was clear was that those surrounding her as they chatted understood the seriousness of her injury and were so very pleased to have her healthy and standing in front of them.