Foundation Grant Helps Ease Needle Nerves for Patients

Jon Verseput, an IV Therapist and Registered Nurse, helps place IVs in thousands of patients every year. One of the significant points of
frustration he encounters with them is when it takes several attempts to insert the needle in the right spot.

“I can see it in their faces. When I get called into a patient’s room, and the patient has already been stuck six or seven times, and they look at you like you’re going in for a root canal at a dentist.”

Knowing the need was there, Jon applied for a mini-grant with The Foundation of CVPH for $15,000 to purchase a new ultrasound
machine to assist in the placement of IVs and lab draws. He was awarded the funding and the machine went into use in June 2021. Jon anticipates it could be used 1,500 times through the end of 2022.

“It’s every department. We almost always have to use this multiple times a day, even on slow days. And that look of relief when they see the blood going on the first hit, and being able to draw all their labs,” Jon said. “These patients tend to be much more satisfied with their care and their stay in the hospital as a result. It really does make you feel like you actually did something good for somebody that day.”

Jon noted the impact on nurses, pointing out that it can be frustrating for them as well knowing that the patient isn’t happy with extra sticks. Ultrasound-assisted IV placements improve efficiency, getting lab work completed and medications delivered on time. And he remains grateful for the support of The Foundation and its donors, adding, “Without them, our patients wouldn’t benefit from this.”