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Angela Watts, CHAA, is "Walking the Walk"

Going the extra mile for her patients

Angela Watts, a certified Healthcare Access Associate in Patient Registration, is always willing to take a few extra steps to help a customer. And that’s exactly what happened when an elderly man came to the Diagnostic Center for some tests.  “As he signed in, I realized the physician’s order form had not been faxed to us yet. So I asked him and his wife to have a seat in the waiting room. They had just come from the doctor’s office which was just a few doors down from the Diagnostic Center so I decided to run down to get the order.”   A few minutes later, physician order in hand, Angela began the process of registering the grateful patient for his prescribed test when she noticed a signature was missing on the order form. Once again, she trekked to the other end of the Plaza and retrieved the needed signature.

With everything in order, Angela continued the registration process so the elderly couple could be on their way.  “The Diagnostic Center can be pretty busy and we can see 100 patients a day. The man and his wife were very appreciative and I got my exercise for the day!,” she explained.  

As a certified healthcare access associate, Angela is responsible for collecting a variety of demographic, clinical and financial information from patients and recording it into the hospital’s information system.  Healthcare access associates wear several hats in the organization. They not only set the stage for a patient’s experience at the hospital but they collect information that is critical to the care that will be provided.   It’s this attention to detail coupled with super customer service that makes the professionals in Patient Registration so important to the patient experience.

A three year veteran of CVPH, Watts learned quickly the importance of superior customer service. She started at CVPH as a temporary hire in Medical Information Services. Later, she became a part time employee in Radiology and then, after completing the rigorous Healthcare Access Associate certification program, began working in Patient Registration. 

“I like dealing with people and it really is so simple to make someone’s day.”