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From The Heart


Recently, I was reminded why I do what I do.  I am the connection between our AMAZING DONORS and people who are having a difficult time medically and financially.  A young man stopped into the office to pick up a check for recent travel out of our area for medical necessity.   In a random turn of events, it was discovered that his heart was leaking.  He was referred to a surgeon in New York City and told that he would need to stay for about two weeks for prep and recovery from his very intricate heart surgery.  Just three weeks after his surgery, he was standing in my office, a completely different person than the man I talked to four weeks prior who was understandably nervous for his upcoming surgery.  He was so eloquent in explaining how appreciative he is of the care and support he received.  In this moment, his smile was infectious and he was so upbeat explaining the positive experience he had at UVM Heath Network - CVPH which turned into a wonderful experience with his surgeon in NYC.  He beamed as he described everything. 

This is what YOUR donations do, they help people in our area seek the care that they need in a medically scary and financially stressful situation.  I hope he continues to tell his story.  I hope he always has the passion about life that he showed today.  Which leads me back to why I do what I do.  Today, I am his story teller.  I am shouting from the roof of CVPH that this is why WE LOVE OUR DONORS!  THANK YOU!  WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Karen Kalman