Dori's patient couldn't speak English: No problema

Bilingual nurse helps new mom

Imagine being in an unfamiliar country, unable to speak or understand the language. Now add to that being at your most vulnerable, facing a life-changing  event like the birth of your first child?  Doris Hanson, RN of the Alice T. Miner Women & Children’s Center (CWC) met a young woman facing those challenges and vowed she wouldn’t do it along.

Hanson is an experienced and bilingual nurse who was working the night the expectant mom was admitted to the CWC with signs of labor. She was a recent immigrant to the area and was anxious and apprehensive. Doris was able to communicate clearly with her and the patient was immediately put at ease with her calming and caring demeanor.

As sometimes happens, the “signs of labor” were just that – signs - and the patient left the hospital.  But during her time with Dori, a bond was formed and she asked if she could keep in touch with the nurse.  Dori had made a new friend.  

A few weeks later, the expectant mom returned – this time to deliver her baby. Dori came with her. It was her day off. She calmly coached the mother in Spanish, her native language, giving her the gentle guidance she needed to progress through labor to a beautiful delivery.