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For Jessica and Stephanie, Dinner Rolls Have a Special Meaning

Putting Our Patients First

Jessica Curry stepped in the elevator and quickly tapped the button for the first floor.  On a well-deserved break on a busy Saturday, she was focused on a good cup coffee and made a mental note to grab a few more dinner rolls. The rolls were not for her. They were for a patient. They were all he ate.

Getting to know her patients so that she can help to better meet their needs is something Jessica takes quite seriously.  Her patient had been in the hospital for a while and was at the end of a long battle with a terrible disease. He had little to no appetite.

 “One day I had noticed him picking at a roll,” Jessica explained. “So I started bringing him some from the cafeteria.” Jessica used her own money to purchased enough each day to be sure her patient had an adequate supply.  She’s a certified nurse aide and has been part of the Progressive Care team for four years. Prior to that, she worked in a physician’s office. Great patient care is her calling.

But on this particular Saturday, the cupboard was bare. The bin that usually contains the rolls was empty. A few inquiries later, she learned that Nutrition Services bakes the rolls on site but only on weekdays.

“She asked me about the rolls,” explained Stephanie Laurin, Nutrition Services cook. “They are not something we usually have on the weekends but I told her I would get some ready.” Stephanie grabbed a batch from the freezer and to proof them quicker, placed them atop an oven.  “In a little over an hour, we had rolls for him.”   Stephanie added the Nutrition Services team is pretty good at multitasking. “It’s what we are here for – our patients.”

The rolls were indeed one of the last things the patient ate before he succumbed to his disease.

“You connect to every patient differently,” explained the clinical assistant. “It’s really about respecting each person and trying to see where they are coming from. We do our best to be there for our patients,” Jessica added.