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What One Small Thing Will You Change in 2019?

We know how hard you work to take care of others. So we want to help make it easier—and more fun—for you to take care of yourself too. Did we mention the chance to win over $500 in weekly prizes?

Our new website—One Small Thing and the Healthy Tips Challenge—can help you find small ways to be healthier and stay motivated. Because research shows that small changes in how you eat, sleep, and move can lead to big rewards when it comes to your health.

We encourage you to join in the challenge. And if you really want to get in the spirit—challenge your coworkers, family members and friends to join with you!


3 key things you can do to succeed with the help of our Healthy Tips Challenge

Commitment, planning, and support are the keys to success in making lifestyle changes. We can help you to:

  1. 1. Choose goals that are realistic and achievable. The first step to supporting yourself is to set yourself up for success. And that means starting small, and building from there.
  3. We’ll help you pick small changes in how you eat, move, and recharge so you can find a commitment that works for you.
  4. 2. Find information and people you can trust to help you stick to your plan. This includes finding expert resources for advice and inspiration. And finding others with similar goals to cheer you on, share tips, and even offer some friendly competition along the way.
  6. We’ll provide you with tips from experts and other Vermonters with similar goals, inspiring videos and articles, and a community of support.

  7. 3. Keep track of your progress—and reward yourself for each success. Rewarding yourself for small successes can offer a much-needed boost of energy and motivation as you strive for the biggest reward of all—good health and more years with the people and life you love.
  8. We’ll send you weekly emails with tips to try out for the chance to win fun and practical rewards. Like a new yoga mat or gift certificate to a local sporting goods store!  

Join the Healthy Tips Challenge today.