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Foundation Mini Grants

Review day is one of my favorite days of the year

One of my favorite times of the year is mini grant review day...It demonstrates the passion our team has for their patients and their jobs.

Mini grants are grants that we give to departments throughout the hospital for program or equipment needs that will enhance patient care.  The typical amount awarded is around $3,000 but last year, we expanded that amount to a limit of $15,000 each for big projects.  The requests are for items that, for some reason or another, didn’t’ make the regular hospital budget.

This year, we received 45 applications totaling just over $165,000 in requests. 

The review committee is made up of several current and a couple retired Foundation board members who review a couple hundred pages of grant applications in preparation for the big review day.

All departments that make requests must meet with the committee to give a 5-minute presentation about their grant request(s).  What’s funny is when several committee members are certain that they are going to deny a request based on what they’ve read in the grant application…then they hear the presentation and the big picture comes into play and low and behold … the employee has won them over.

Something happens when the presentations are given in person – the passion for what the staff is doing and what they are hoping to accomplish shines through.  We all become inspired by their drive and desire, and we feel good about investing our donors’ dollars in this meaningful way.

Throughout the meeting, we think, “Is that how our donors want their money spent?”  “Is that how our donors would want to make an impact?”

The Presentation mini grantanswer isn’t always yes and if yes, it isn’t always for the full amount requested, but most of the applications that we’re reviewing are right on the mark.  Patient care is improved because the people who provide it have identified a need and have committed themselves to addressing it.   

So, when all is said and done and $140,000 is awarded – I feel great for three reasons:

  1. We’re putting donated dollars to work in a way that should make our donors proud.
  2. The commitment of our committee members to stewarding these dollars puts me in awe (they’re sifting through a couple hundred pages of requests to prep for the 7-hour long review day!).
  3. Seeing the passion and dedication that our staff have for the work they do, caring for our patients who could be you, me, one of our dear family members or friends.

In future blogs, we’ll highlight some of the grants that have been awarded!