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Nursing Annual Report
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Portrait of Chief Nursing Officer, Carrie Howard-Canning“Being a nurse is a privilege. So many people let you into their lives during their most vulnerable times. The nurses here at CVPH bring an individual contribution every day when they come to work. And those contributions make a pretty amazing story.”

- Carrie Howard-Canning, Chief Nursing Officer


Patients First

At CVPH, we devote our heads, hands and hearts to our patients, our peers and our community every day. That can mean a lot of different things. At the core, our nurses are committed to providing the best care and patient experience possible.

Dedicated Nursing

The success stories below show what dedicated nursing looks like at CVPH. They are clear examples of employees who wake up each day thinking about the wellbeing of others. Our nursing team works tirelessly to meet the needs of our patients and their families, whether those needs are big or small, and at all hours. Here is just a glimpse of what our nurses do every day at CVPH:


A Culture of Excellence and Empowerment

Nurses at CVPH are respected and recognized as invaluable members of our clinical care team. They are empowered to make decisions, speak up for patients and each other, and lead necessary changes to improve care. Our nurses are every day extraordinary, positively impacting patient outcomes and the overall patient experience.

Professional Development and Support

At CVPH, we recognize that continuing education improves the care for our patients and our people. That is why we never stop investing in our nurses. Through organizational and NYSNA benefits, nurses have been able to take advantage of more than $600,000 for tuition assistance, certifications, conferences, short courses, professional membership dues and more. Leaders and providers make themselves available on a regular basis to help our nurses grow, understanding that working as a team will bring out the best in each other. Nurses at CVPH have the tools to learn, discover and create - allowing them to provide exceptional patient care 24/7.

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