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Nursing Opportunities

Specialties/Areas of Expertise

CVPH nurses make a difference throughout the organization, including these clinical areas:

Some of our registered nurses contribute to the care of patients at CVPH away from the bedside setting. These roles include:

  • Case Management
  • Clinics
  • Health Information Management
  • Infection Control
  • Informatics & Technology
  • Learning and Development/ Clinical Education
  • Medical Information Services
  • Occupational Health & Wellness
  • Quality
  • Risk Management
  • Patient Care Coordinators
  • Nursing Research & Clinical Practice
  • Magnet Program

CVPH nursing team members may also provide care as part of these jobs while working with registered professional nurses: 

  • Certified Nurse Aides
  • Clinical Assistants
  • Crisis Team Clinicians
  • Critical Care Technicians
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Mental Health Technicians
  • Operating Room Technicians
  • Technicians

New Nurse Residency Program

New graduate Registered Nurses face many challenges including role transition, high performance expectations in a higher acuity setting and an increased level of accountability as it relates to nursing quality indicators. The CVPH New Nurse Residency Program provides additional support to all our newly graduated RNs. We are proud to be accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Practice Transition Program. Click here to learn more about the New Nurse Residency Program.


Orientation & Training

New Employee Orientation (NEO)

All new employees attend a 2 day New Employee Orientation (NEO) starting on the day of hire. All new employees learn about the mission, vision, values, and cultural beliefs of the organization. The focus is to provide a foundation of knowledge needed to be successful in all roles at the organization.

NEO continues for new clinical employees for 4 additional days. The focus in these sessions is to provide information on key policies, procedures, techniques, and equipment used most frequently. The organization has a high-fidelity simulation lab used in clinical NEO to promote a safe learning environment with no risk to patients or employees. Clinical NEO uses a blended learning theory and incorporates didactic learning, interactive skills sessions, patient care scenarios, and simulation.

New clinical employees also engage in a 3 day Cardiac Rhythms Course through the AACN with supplementation from our Critical Care Nurse Educators. In addition, new Critical Care clinical nurses participate in AACN’s Critical Care Course and new Medical-Surgical clinical nurses participate in NICHE’s Gerontology Resource Nurse Course.

Early Graduate Nurse Onboarding (EGNO)

Early Graduate Nurse Onboarding (EGNO) is an innovative onboarding strategy developed by the clinical nurse educators in 2018. The large number of graduate nurses onboarded at the organization each year called for an inventive process. As the Graduate Nurses interview and accept formal offers of employment, each are invited to participate in EGNO. EGNO is scheduled over 6 weeks in June and July each summer. The Graduate Nurse commits to the organization, chooses an EGNO date, and begins the onboarding process prior to attaining the New York State Licensure Exam. The EGNO process is a symbiotic relationship gives the Graduate Nurse foundation for practicing at the organization and additional practical information prior to sitting for the licensure exam. The organization has experienced a 100% pass rate with those participating in EGNO.