Nursing Practice

What We Strive For

Working together, we improve people's lives. At CVPH, our nurses strive for that 24/7 by putting patients first, embracing change, reaching across boundaries to find solutions, speaking up and taking responsibility for their work.

Those cultural beliefs allow our nurses to be transformational leaders of highly coordinated, exemplary care in partnership with patients, families, physicians, other medical team members and each other.

Our Professional Practice Model: Relationship-Based Care

The mission, vision and values our nurses follow at CVPH drives how they collaborate, communicate and develop professionally to complete their work each day. Our professional practice model focuses on relationship-based care, with the patient at the center of everything we do.

We are strongest when we commit to a shared mission and respect each other’s contributions. Relationship-based care emphasizes that we care for our patients and families, our people and ourselves. We can only take care of others and create a healthy environment when we practice individual health, strength and self-awareness.

Our vision and values keep our work focused on improving people’s lives. We are deeply rooted in the community and always strive for the highest quality care. Through meaningful connections in our work every day, we keep our foundation strong and allow new opportunities to branch out and grow.

Let's break down what this graphic on the right means:

  • The blue circle: These are our values - beliefs shared by a culture about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable, having major influence on behavior and attitude
  • 5 Large Leaves: These represent our strategic focus areas - it's what we do to accomplish our work
  • Base of the Tree: Relationship-based care is a necessary and strong foundation for caring for our patients and families, our colleagues and ourselves
  • Trunk of the Tree: Patient-centered care is our core. It's how we do what we do, with everything centering around the patient.

Here is a closer look at what the 5 large leaves, our strategic focus areas, are all about for CVPH nursing:

  1. Collaborative Culture
    • We will not be afraid to fail
    • Have the courage to try new things
    • Respectfully seek and offer honest feedback
    • Work together to discover solutions
  2. Four women hugging and smilingExemplary Professional Practice
    • Connect with our patients and people to directly impact the quality of care
    • Work with patients and health care providers to develop care plans based on clinical evidence while balancing risks, expected outcomes and patient preferences and values
    • Driving quality outcomes and the patient experience
  3. Quality of Patient Care
    • Quality is the driving force for nursing and CVPH
    • Nurses in leadership positions provide an environment that positively influences patient outcomes
    • Patient safety is paramount
  4. Research and Innovation
    • Nurses at CVPH are encouraged to continue their education through certifications, conferences and other avenues of learning
    • Inspiring change through research and the use of technology
  5. Community Integration
    • Work with local organizations and other health care providers to create environments promoting health and wellbeing for everyone in our region