Breast Cancer

CVPH in Plattsburgh offers a coordinated, comprehensive approach to caring for women with the breast cancer.

We understand breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can be very a scary time. CVPH FitzPatrick Cancer Center offers a coordinated, comprehensive approach to caring for women with the breast cancer with quality care, compassion and support.


The Women’s Imaging Center, located in the CVPH Health Plaza, offers high-quality mammography services in a convenient location.  Certified mammographers, state-of-the art technology and board-certified Radiologists serve as the foundation of our award winning program. A warm, comforting environment welcomes you to the Women's Imaging Center. Exams are conducted using the latest in digital imaging technology and results are read by physicians who are on site and available for consultation. Biopsies of suspicious tumors can often be performed onsite.

In 2013, 84% of the patients diagnosed with breast cancer on a screening mammogram at the Women’s Imaging Center had very early cancer (stages 0 or 1). Nationwide, about 74% of the patients who are screened are diagnosed with Stage 0 or Stage 1 cancer.  Why is this important?  Because the 5-year survival for patients in these stages is 100%, whereas the 5-year survival for patients with the most advanced stage of breast cancer (Stage 4) is 22%.

Breast Cancer Care

Everyone’s Cancer is unique. At the FitzPatrick Cancer Center, our team develops an individualized treatment regimen based on your specific needs. Those diagnosed with Breast Cancer can benefit from a wide range of treatment options.

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Breast Care Navigator

Our Breast Care Navigator meets with referred Breast Cancer patients to discuss your treatment, answer questions and provide support. They help women who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer through support and guidance during the treatment process and beyond.

Having a trusted facilitator and guide available, as you make your way through each phase of your breast care experience can be beneficial to men and women with breast health issues or concerns. Our Breast Care Navigator offers personalized support to you and your family.

Our Breast Care Navigator can:

  • Help you better understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Be available for visits at your request
  • Listen, interpret information and offer support at accompanied visits
  • Refer you to resources to assist you in navigating your breast care

If you need assistance with post-surgical (lumpectomy or mastectomy) forms or apparel, we recommend you reach out to one of the certified mastectomy experts who can answer all of your questions.

Breast Reconstruction

Advancements in breast reconstruction techniques mean women have more options than ever before to restore a sense of balance and wellness. Our Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery team can help you decide if breast reconstruction is right for you.

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