Patient Stories

Learn more about the exceptional cardiac care at the CVPH Heart Center from our patients.

In 2012, after a day of fly-fishing, Andrew awoke and knew he was having a heart attack. Following successful angioplasty,he has been fly-fishing on three continents.

Earlier this year, Anthony woke up with crushing pain in his chest. He was rushed to the CVPH Heart Center for emergency angioplasty. Today he is singing, playing his guitar and keeping in a steady rhythm.

Early in 2014, Edward thought he had indigestion but was actually having a heart attack. He was rushed to the CVPH Heart Center for angioplasty. Today he is back in his woodshop and farming again.

In 1997, X-rays revealed that Stuart had arterial blockage. Following open heart surgery, he went through cardiac rehab at CVPH. In 2000, his wife Zahava fainted in class while substitute teaching and received a pacemaker at CVPH. Today they are approaching their 50th wedding anniversary.

In 1999, Nap was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. Two pacemakers later, he is still sinking putts.

In early 2013, David, an Adirondack 46er, was working out on his treadmill and suffered a major heart attack. He had to be resuscitated twice before a stent could be put in. Today looks forward to helping his daughter become a 46er this fall.

During the holidays in 2013, Corky had a cough and went to his doctor. X-rays revealed he had calcium buildup around his heart. He was referred to the CVPH Heart Center where he received stents. Lately Corky helps seniors in yoga class, and delivers meals on wheels.

While vacationing in Rome in 2012, Maddy had trouble walking and breathing. Upon return to Plattsburgh, testing revealed three blockages which were corrected with stents. The next year, on another vacation in Florida, Ty began experiencing pain in his jaw. He was diagnosed with two blockages and stents were put in. Today they enjoy walking together and are confident they have many more miles together.

While cutting wood in 2013, Rodney felt chest pain. At the CVPH emergency room tests revealed a blockage in his heart and he received angioplasty. These days, Rodney is splitting and stacking wood for next winter.