Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital recognizes the importance of sharing the joy of the birth of your new baby with family and friends.

The staff at the Alice T. Miner Center for Women & Children recognizes that sharing the joy of the birth of your new baby with family and friends is important to you. While you are with us, we want to be sure you're getting the rest you need, are benefiting from the educational opportunities offered and are bonding with your new baby.


Visitation Restrictions in Place

While COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted throughout much of New York State, precautions remain in effect in health care settings, like CVPH and the Women and Children’s Center. Everyone who enters out facility will be screened and is expected to wear a mask. Click here to learn about our WCC visitation and support guidelines.

Visiting Guidelines (Not currently in effect during COVID-19 pandemic)

Please encourage your friends and loved ones to refrain from visiting until you go home. We ask that only 2 adults visit with you in your room at one time. Our Waiting Lounge offers a comfortable spot for other visitors to wait.

  • We welcome visitors to our area based on the new parent’s recommendations. 
  • We often will ask visitors to step out to allow the staff to care for mom, infant and dad. 
  • Our lactation consultant requires access to assist parents with successful breastfeeding. 
  • Quiet time is from 1pm – 3pm

Labor, Delivery, Recovery

  • Patient designated visitors are welcome unless that person’s presence infringes on other’s rights or is interfering with the patient's care.
  • It’s recommended no more than 4 visitors at one time including coach and significant other.
  • Coach and significant other having open access.
  • Siblings of the newborn only will have open access.


  • Access to the Nursery is restricted to mother and father/designated support person wearing identification bands.


  • Only two visitors at a time.
  • No children other than siblings of the newborn.
  • In the event the newborn is sick, loved ones will be gowned and accompanied by the mother or support person wearing the identification band.