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The Joint Care Center at CVPH

When aging knees, hips and shoulders slow you down, we can help. The CVPH Joint Care Center is the hub of our joint replacement surgery program where you’ll receive seamless, coordinated care from a team of expert surgeons with caring and specially trained physical and occupational therapists, nurses, and technicians. It’s an environment that emphasizes wellness and maximizes your recovery efforts through education, a culture of early mobility, family involvement and group interaction. Before you know it, you’ll be back to your favorite activities.


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If you suffer from knee, hip or shoulder pain, come to our free Joint Pain Class. You'll learn about osteoarthritis, find out how nutrition and exercise can affect you and discover what can be done to treat your pain, with and without surgery. Sign up for our next FREE Joint Pain Class today.

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Knee Replacement

As cartilage deteriorates around your knee and bone spurs develop, simple tasks like walking can become almost unbearable. Generally, it’s because degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) is degrading the health of your knee. Knee replacement surgery removes your damaged cartilage and bones and swaps it out with a durable, metal replacement, so that movement and function will be smooth. With a ConforMIS implant, the replacement is customized for your knee alone. Find out which knee replacement is right for you by attending a FREE Joint Pain Class.

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Hip Replacement

When osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, attacks your hips, everyday tasks can become painful. In fact, activities like golf, hiking, or even gardening can be almost too painful to consider. That’s because of the damage and deformities taking place inside the hip joint. With hip replacement surgery, the diseased parts of the hip are removed and replaced with prosthesis, new artificial parts, that make it easier to live the life you want to live once you recover. To see if you're a candidate for hip replacement, attend our FREE Joint Pain Class.

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What You Can Expect From Our Joint Care Program

Pre-Operative Class - You’re encouraged to attend a pre-operative class two weeks prior to your surgery. You’ll learn more about the team of professionals who will be caring for you; details about your procedures; what to expect at the Joint Care Center and how to begin planning today for your discharge home.

Aggressive Daily Schedule - You'll be up and dressed by 7 am, starting the day after surgery. An individualized therapy session in the morning will be followed by a group therapy session in the afternoon. These sessions are in addition to individual in-room sessions and education.

Patient Newsletters - Each morning, you receive a newsletter letting you know what’s on the agenda for the day, along with tips for caring for your new joint.

Tour the Adirondacks - Compete with other patients on distance walked daily. All progress is tracked on a large exercise board. You’ll be assigned a hiker and will quickly get caught up in the sense of accomplishment as you mark your walking progress by moving your hiker to the top of Whiteface Mountain.

Group Lunch - The day after surgery, you and your coach join your fellow Joint Care Center patients in the activity room for lunch, where you’ll be able to talk with others who have already gone through joint replacement surgery. 

Joint Care Director - When you’re ready to pursue knee or hip replacement here at the Joint Care Center or if you have a question, our Joint Care Center Director is your point of contact.

Post-Recovery Rehab - Following discharge, you can complete your rehabilitation at either of our outpatient rehab clinics located in Plattsburgh or any rehabilitation clinic that is most convenient for you. Click here for a list of rehab clinics in Clinton, Essex and Franklin county.


A Dedicated, Adirondack-themed, Unit with Private Rooms (and a great view) - All activities take place in the Joint Care Center on R6, a dedicated space set aside for hip and knee replacement clients. The environment encourages you to achieve your personal best.

ConforMIS – We're the first in Clinton, Essex and Franklin county to offer this state-of-the-art, customizable knee replacement option.  Your 3D printed, customized knee fits you perfectly based on a CT Scan of your actual knee. Learn more about the ConforMIS customized knee here.

Comprehensive Guidebook - Education about your procedure begins in your physician’s office. You’ll receive a comprehensive guidebook to explain your surgery, a list of pre-op strengthening activities, and how to prepare your home for discharge.

Advanced Pain Control & Rapid Recovery Surgical Techniques - Our surgeons use the most advanced analgesic and minimally invasive techniques that result in less pain and quicker recovery.

A Dedicated Staff - Our staff has been chosen specifically because of their expertise; positive, upbeat nature and high motivational skills.

Street Clothes - You won’t wear a hospital gown. You’ll be asked to bring comfortable clothes – sweats, shorts – to wear during the day.

Coach - Choose a family member or friend to be an active participant in your care before, during and after discharge. They learn the program right along with you and provide encouragement and support.

Excellent Patient Experience - Check out how well we do compared to other hospitals across New York State. Click here to see our excellent joint replacement surgery results from October 2017 - September 2018.

Get to Know Our Orthopedic Team

Mihail Radulescu, MD
Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement
Hips, Knees and Shoulders

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Pamela Reinhardt, MD
Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement
Hips and Knees

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C. Philip Volk, MD
Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement
Knees and ConforMIS

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Howard Black, MD
Orthopedics, Sports Medicine

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Michael Imobersteg, MD
Orthopedics, Sports Medicine

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