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Our pharmacy staff works hand in hand with your care team to ensure the safest courses of treatment.

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Inpatient Pharmacy

Patient safety is our highest priority. We're in constant communication with you and your medical team to make sure your medication regimen is appropriate and safe.  From the moment you enter the hospital through your discharge and follow-up care, we're with you to help you manage your medications.

You can feel confident that your medication regimen is safe and appropriate for you. Our pharmacists:

  • Provide any medication you need, including specialty drugs not available at all retail pharmacies
  • Make sure you understand any possible side effects of medications and how to manage them
  • Can access your electronic medical records (EMR), if you were a patient at CVPH, ensuring that we provide accurate, effective care


Outpatient Pharmacy

CVPH is dedicated to providing the best possible care during your stay and as you transition home.  You are able to fill your prescriptions at CVPH Outpatient Pharmacy, conveniently located across the hall from our Emergency Department.