Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Plattsburgh, NY

The UVM Health Network - CVPH Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery in Plattsburgh, NY, offers comprehensive reconstructive surgery services to correct abnormalities related to birth defects, injury, disease, infection and other surgeries. We also offer the latest in cosmetic surgery techniques to help you achieve your personal best.

Our two board certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeons, James Motlagh, MD and Marissa Matarrese, MD, offer highly skilled, personalized care using the latest reconstructive and plastic surgery techniques to treat a wide range of conditions.

Patients suffering from a loss of form or function due to disease, trauma or congenital deformity, may find it difficult to feel comfortable in their own skin. The good news is they don’t have to travel far to receive the life-changing reconstructive or plastic surgery they need.  Dr. Motalgh understands the importance of listening carefully to patient’s needs and concerns and address each one of them to his/her satisfaction. Together, realistic goals are set for procedure outcomes and follow-up care.  Our physicians and office staff are dedicated to providing high quality, personalized care to every patient.


Plastic & Reconstructive Procedures & Treatments We Specialize in Include:

  • Surgical Breast Cancer Procedures
  • Surgical Skin Cancer Procedures
    •    Basal Cell Carcinoma
    •    Cutaneous Neoplasms (BCC, SCC, Melanoma, etc.)
    •    Melanoma 
    •    Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Breast Augmentation & Lift
  • Breast Reduction (Male and Female)
  • Body Contouring After Weight Loss
  • Facial Trauma Procedures
  • Implant/Tissue Expander Reconstruction
  • Nipple and Areola Reconstruction
  • Scar Revisions & Removal


Cosmetic Procedures & Treatments We Specialize in Include:

Dr. Motlagh offers discrete, personal enhancement through the latest cosmetic surgery procedures.  Cosmetic surgery and procedures change, restore, or enhance your appearance. There are many reasons for wanting to change or enhance your looks. If you have had burns or other injuries, were born with a birth defect, or want to change parts of your body for other reasons, you may choose to have a cosmetic surgery or procedure.

  • Burn Treatment and Surgery
  • Brow Lift
  • Eyelid Lift
  • Facial Trauma Procedures
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Face Lift
  • Laceration Repairs
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Ear Pinning
  • Injectable Filler
  • Botox

A referral is not needed for cosmetic surgery or procedures. Click here for a complete list of cosmetic procedures & treatments.


What to Expect From Your Appointment

Plastic & Reconstructive

Our team of physicians, nurses and staff will make every step of the process as easy as possible so you'll know exactly what to expect. Our plastic surgeons are board-certified and members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Our team also includes a physician assistant, a staff of skilled nurses and knowledgeable office staff who will make every effort to ensure your experience with us is the best it can possibly be.

Consultations for reconstructive plastic surgery can be made by your physician office.



The first step in your treatment at CVPH is a cosmetic surgery consultation and medical evaluation. During this time, we'll discuss your goals and concerns and determine if you're a suitable candidate for plastic/cosmetic surgery.

  • For the first cosmetic consult there is an initial fee of $125 paid at the time of your first visit.
  • Intake paperwork will be completed upon your arrival.
  • Dr. Motlagh will review your intake paperwork and medical history with you and discuss your goals and expectations for the surgery or procedure.
  • The first consultation will take 30-60 minutes.
  • You should be aware that not everyone is a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.


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