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For Medical Professionals

Inpatient Psychiatry

We provide effective, consistent and structured treatment that focuses on helping patients build the skills needed to reduce symptoms. Each person’s symptoms will be assessed and evaluated daily by our multi-disciplinary team. Working together with community providers and supports (family and friends), we will create a plan for the patient's safe transition from the hospital back to their community.

Adult Psychiatry
The staff on the unit will provide personalized care to support each individual in their journey to manage symptoms, learn coping skills and reduce negative health effects of mental illness.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Our programming is school-based, ensuring each patient is pursuing their educational goals while receiving appropriate treatment. Treatment is multi-disciplinary and family-centered, and we request that the family or guardian be involved in the entire treatment process, from admission to discharge. Unit staff specialize in in treatment and care for children andadolescents.

Consult Liaison Services

Psychiatric and counseling services are provided to individuals who are: inpatient in a medical bed, experiencing mental health symptoms or stressors, and in need of assessment and evaluation, support, coping skills and/or community mental health referrals.

Crisis Services - Emergency Department

Services are intended for individuals who are experiencing acute mental health symptoms that need immediate attention, assessment and evaluation. Evaluations will be provided by a team of experienced mental health clinicians carefully selected to provide assessments and recommendations for the most appropriate level of mental health treatment. Prior to admission to the inpatient psychiatry unit, individuals will be screened and evaluated by a crisis clinician.


For further information, please contact the Regional Psychiatry Transitional Care Program Manager at (518) 562-7113.