Surgery Preparation

Our team of specialists is dedicated to making sure your surgical procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

Same Day Surgical Patient Information

Information about your surgical procedure and important details about the day will be provided by your surgeon.  You will also be required to have some testing, EKG, blood work etc., before your surgical procedure. 

Pre-Operative Interview
Getting Ready
Day of Surgery
Going Home After Same Day Surgery
Inpatient Surgical Services

Pre-Operative Interview

A day or two before your surgery, you'll be contacted by a registered nurse from the Pre-Admission Surgical Services (PASS) Office. He or she will conduct a 15 to 20-minute detailed interview with you. Questions about your medical history and medications will be asked. It’s a good idea to have a list of your medications (including the dose you take and how often) on hand along with insurance information.

Feel free to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have with the nurse. Once the interview is complete, you’ll be transferred to our Patient Registration Department where you’ll be registered for the procedure.

If your procedure does not require the services of an anesthesiologist, you’ll be given complete instructions by your surgeon including where to report, what time and how to properly prepare. 

Getting Ready

Some patients will be given Hibiclens, a skin cleanser and antiseptic, to use before surgery. It is provided by your surgeon’s office.  Patients are asked to use this cleanser the night before and the day of surgery.  Those who are undergoing an elective total hip or total knee surgical procedure must shower with this product for three days before surgery (with the third day being the day of surgery). Studies have shown that this simple measure helps reduce surgical infections.

You can use your own soap first and then use Hibiclens.

Avoid using Hibiclens on your genital areas.

Use Hibiclens only from the neck down.

Other considerations:

  • Do wear comfortable clothing on the day of surgery
  • Do not wear contacts
  • Do leave your personal belongings at home
  • Do not use creams, lotions or powders on the day of surgery and after your shower
  • Do no wear hair care products
  • Do not wear make-up or mascara
  • Do not wear any jewelry or body piercings

Day of Surgery

You will be given an arrival time by your surgeon and confirmed by the PASS nurse or in the documents provided.   If there is any change in time, you will receive a phone call around 4pm the night before your procedure.

Main Campus Surgery
Please report to the Second Floor Surgical Patient Family Waiting Area and sign in.  

  • From the main lobby - take the elevator just past Patient Registration.  The visitors parking lot located near the ponds provides the easiest access to the main lobby.
  • From the MRI Entrance - If you enter the building through the MRI entrance (near the Emergency Department), the Surgical Patient Family Area is at the end of the hallway, past the R elevators.  Park in the Emergency Department parking lot.

You’ll need to present a photo ID and an insurance card to the Volunteer at the desk.  Here you will receive your name band. A nurse will take you to the pre-op area and begin the process of preparing you for your procedure.

You’ll meet with both your surgeon and the anesthesiologist.  Both will explain what you can expect during your stay and answer any questions you may have.

After your procedure, you’ll be moved to recovery where your nurses will help you with pain management and the effects of the anesthesia. You’ll be in recovery anywhere between 1 and 3 hours.  Your nurse may allow a family member (only one) to visit for no more than 5 minutes after you are comfortable and your pain is under control. Once you are moved to Phase II Recovery, additional family members can visit – at the discretion of your nurse. A parent may stay with children under 12 for the recovery phase.

Some patients will be transferred from Recovery to an inpatient unit for continued care.

Kevin J. Carroll Ambulatory Surgery Center
You will be asked to arrive about 45 minutes before your scheduled procedure (or one hour if you're having local anesthesia). Check in with the Health Care Associate at the main desk and be ready to present a photo ID and an insurance card. Our Health Care Access Associate will complete your registration process.

When it’s time, a nurse will take you to the pre-op area and begin the process of preparing you for your procedure. There, you will meet with both your surgeon and the anesthesiologist (if applicable).  Both will explain what you can expect during your stay and answer any questions you may have.

Going Home After Same Day Surgery

You’ll receive discharge instructions and information about a follow up appointment before you leave. When it’s time to go home your driver will be called and a transporter will help you on your way. New York State Law requires that you have not only a driver but an adult (at least 18 years-old) who can stay with you 24 hours after surgery. 

Inpatient Surgical Services

If you're currently a patient at CVPH and surgery is recommended by your physician, your health care team will take care of the pre-op testing and preparations for you.  On the day of your surgery, you’ll be taken to the operating room and your family members can wait for you in the Surgical Patient Family Waiting Room.