We put your health first.

You can’t be a hero for all those who depend on you, if you don’t take care of yourself. CVPH makes it easier to do just that with a full spectrum of services to address your medical, educational and emotional needs.

Here are just some of the women’s health services available to you at Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital:

Women of All Ages Maternity Midlife
Behavioral Health Birthing Center Diagnostic Testing
Breast Health Breastfeeding Resources & Support Health Screenings
Cancer Maternity Education Heart Health
Cosmetic Enhancements Reproductive Health Incontinence
Diabetes Midwifery Joint Replacement
General Surgery   Menopause
OB/GYN   Pain Management
Reconstructive Surgery   Plastic Surgery
Robotic Surgery   Stroke
Women's Imaging   Vericose Veins