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Northern NY Clinical Updates

Last updated 9/22/2020

Infectious Disease Resource

Dr. Keith Collins, Infectious Disease, is available for questions, please page him at (518) 574-5609. Dr. Lisa Mark, General Surgery, Chief Medical Officer for Alice Hyde Medical Center and CVPH is available at  Dr. Todd Whitman, Oncology, Assistant Chief Medical Officer for Alice Hyde Medical Center and CVPH is available by phone at (518) 645-6588 or by email at

Expanded Hours for NYS Testing Site (The Plaza) for Asymptomatic People

Currently the hours are 1-2pm, Monday-Friday, however, starting this coming Monday (9/28) – the hours will expand to 12-2pm, Monday-Friday.

This is being done in anticipation of test requests ramping up due to kids who are asymptomatic – but may have come in contact with another student/teacher who tested positive with COVID.  Please send your asymptomatic cases to the Plaza – not the hospital.  They do not need an order.

Test results will be available in 5-7 days and can viewed on the BioReference Laboratory portal (see-attached instructions)  A hard copy of the results will also be mailed to the patient and those with a positive result will be called.

Can I get a COVID-19 test if I don't have symptoms?

Please click here to reference the NYS asymptomatic testing guidelines.

Important Notices NEW 9/18/2020   

A message from Joel Wolkowicz, MDCM, FRCP(C), FACC, Regional Director of Cardiology


Holter Monitors at CVPH are available for 24, 48, 72, or 96 hours. However, for anything longer than 48 hours most insurances now require preauthorization before testing can be accomplished. In addition to Holter monitors, we have event monitors that can be used for 7, 14 or 30 days, as well as leadless patch monitors that can be applied to the chest wall that provides cardiac rhythm monitoring for 7 or 14 days.

Please continue to order the test that you believe is most appropriate for your patient. However, please be aware that monitors of more than 48 hours in duration will require the ordering office to obtain insurance preauthorization before testing can be performed. The codes needed are 0296T, 0297T and 0298T

As a quick guide, our Cardiologists recommend using Holter monitors for symptoms that occur daily, or to assess heart rate. In my experience, 72-96 hour Holter monitors rarely detect information not available with a 24-48 hour recording. For symptoms that do not occur daily, event monitors 1 week to 1 month are usually recommended, whereas for symptoms occurring less frequently than monthly, consider evaluation for an implantable cardiac monitor. Our Cardiologists are always available for telephone consultation ((518)314-3434) if we can help you to select the best method of ambulatory cardiac monitoring in your patient.


For diagnostic cards, with instructions on calling Central Scheduling, please email me at  I am happy to drop them off at your office.  These wallet cards are helpful for patients.

To access diagnostic grid please go to If you are sending a patient for a COVID-19 test, please call CVPH Patient Registration at (518) 562-7091 and then fax the order to 518-314-3980.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for offices that treat school age children

You may experience an increase in calls to your office based on a revised attendance policy for children/students who show symptoms that could be related to COVID-19. Champlain Valley Education Services (CVES) has been working with regional school districts to create a comprehensive plan for students that show symptoms that could be related to COVID-19.  We have learned that the majority of the local school’s plans call for 10 days out of school and/ or a physician’s note to return to school.  

NYS Testing site is open for testing at the Plaza Monday-Friday 1:00pm-2:00pm for asymptomatic people. A physician’s order is optional.

They can be tested at this location if:

  • They have an occupational requirement (hairdressers, barbers, student)
  • Are subject to precautionary or mandatory quarantine (by the health department)
  • Are a health care worker, first responder or other essential worker who directly interacts with the public while working.
  • They meet the criteria set by the DOH based on where they live, work or other factors the DOH deems relevant to COVID-19 testing.
  • They have had a close or proximate contact with a person known to be COVID positive.
  • They have attended recent protests

What can they expect?

  • Upon arrival to the Diagnostic Center (Suite 102, 89 Plaza Boulevard) they will be screened and required to wear a mask.
  • They will be asked to complete a Consent to Test form and a Bio Reference Requisition form (Please see attached).  We ask that they bring the requisition with them to the Diagnostic Center.
  • We will ensure social distancing in the waiting room and hallway.  Should more than 25 people report to the site for testing at one time, they will be asked to wait in their vehicles after leaving a contact number with the staff.

Getting their results

Their tests results will be available from BioReference Laboratories in 7 to 12 days. Instructions to create an account and access results in the portal are attached

A letter containing their test result will be mailed to via the United States Postal Service as well. Those who test positive for COVID-19 will receive a call from a hospital representative.

Pre Op COVID testing

If a patient is scheduled for surgery or a variety of other procedures, we would like to screen them 4 days (96 hours) prior. Those screening tests take place on the first floor Patient Registration/Lab area.  Their results will be shared with you (Provider).

Symptomatic patients with Physician-Ordered COVID Screening

If your patient has symptoms of COVID-19, and you’d like to order a COVID-19 test, these tests are offered near the Emergency Department seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Patients are instructed to remain in their car and call (518) 562-7091 to register upon arrival.  A member of the lab will call them back and greet them in the ED entrance where they will be escorted into a designated collection area. Their results will be shared with you (the provider).

Effective Monday, August 10, we will no longer require COVID-19 tests for the following asymptomatic patients:

  • Asymptomatic Labor & Delivery Patients
  • Asymptomatic hospital admissions

We continue to require COVID-19 testing for:

  • Symptomatic Admissions
  • Cohorted Admissions (patients in a shared room or open bay unit)
  • Psychiatric Admissions or Transfers
  • Symptomatic (ambulatory) patients from congregate settings (nursing homes, etc.)


Northern New York has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic better than many regions, in part because of our overall approach, focused on science, pragmatism and discipline.

  • As a result, the community prevalence of COVID-19 is extremely low (less than 2%), and the practice of testing all asymptomatic patients does not make sense.
  • In Northern New York, we have tested more than 5,000 asymptomatic individuals, and only 0.1% of them have tested positive.
  • We need to plan ahead for the colder months, when the flu and a potential surge in COVID-19 may pose twin challenges.
  • We need to be cautious and judicious with our PPE and lab supplies; we have observed a nationwide reduction in the availability of lab supplies for COVID-19. This updated strategy will help conserve our resources.

Our testing strategy continues to be guided by science, our most up-to-date understanding of the virus, and a commitment to ensuring the safety of our patients and employees.  We continue to follow New York State Department of Health guidelines for all testing, including pre-procedure testing and testing for symptomatic patients and admissions.

Lab Testing

Due to patient volume and the need to social distance our lab patients often experience longer wait times.  We would like your help to alleviate this as much as possible.   We still would like the patients to call Central Scheduling (518-562-7340) to schedule their test/draw (if you need more wallet cards I am happy to drop some off).   If you could fax the order ahead of time, ideally 24 hrs ahead, we can have the test ready for the patient upon arrival.  This will cut down on wait times.  The fax number is 518-314-3980. 

Lab Supplies

Please see the attached letter regarding offices that would like us to provide lab supplies. 


Due to the accuracy of COVID antibody testing currently available and approved by the FDA the CVPH laboratory is not recommending this test for the general population.  If you are interested in ordering this test for one of your patients, we ask that you speak to Dr. Eric Gorman or Dr. Keith Collins prior to placing the order.  If ordered the test will be sent to the Mayo Clinic Reference laboratory.


We welcome visitors back to our facility while keeping the safety of our patients and team our top priority. A newly revised visitation policy.

Visitors are welcome here seven days a week from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. and from 4p.m. to 6 p.m. The Visitor Welcome Policy continues to be applicable to inpatient units only. Visitors should enter through the Main Lobby and are required sign in, providing contact information. The screening process includes a temperature check and a hand-washing requirement before heading directly to the patient’s room where they must remain for the duration of their visit. Only one visitor at a time per patient is permitted in the facility.

Using New York State Department of Health guidelines, CVPH developed the Visitor Welcome policy to safely provide patients with the comfort offered by family and friends during the COVID pandemic. Learn more at

CVPH Patient Transfer Hotline

As part of our ongoing effort to improve quality of care, UVM Health Network – CVPH has implemented a “Patient Transfer Hotline.”  This “one call” hotline provides rapid transfer and direct admissions of patients, thus ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Toll Free Line

(866) 648-4886

An experienced RN Case Manager is on call to answer the hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This facilitates getting the patient to the right bed, in the right facility, and will improve communication and efficiency. Referring physicians are linked to receiving physicians on a recorded line to ensure real-time capture of vital information

COVID-19 NYS Hotline

  • The New York State Department of Health has established a toll-free Novel Coronavirus Hotline.  Call 888-364-3065.

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