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Northern NY Clinical Updates

Last updated 1/13/2023

Diagnostic Walk-in Hours

CVPH Revises Visitation Policy (Click Here for Details)

PCR Test Changes

Starting Monday 1/16/23, Radiology will no longer require a PCR test before an UGI, Barium Swallow, or Video Swallow. Instead, we will be doing a rapid swap when the patient arrives in Radiology for their test.


Anyone who has tested positive within 30 days of the procedure AND has completed their 10 day isolation period does not need to be re-tested. Appointments are REQUIRED for a pre-procedure PCR test. Patients can call (518) 562-7340 to set up the test appointment. The testing hours are as follows:

Monday - Friday, 6a - 2p at the CVPH Diagnostic Center at the Plaza. Saturday/Sunday: 6a - 2p at CVPH Main Campus 1st Floor Lab

Testing is required regardless of vaccination status.

We are encouraging patients to check MyChart for their test result before they leave for their procedure (unless they’ve already been contacted by their provider) - and to contact their provider if the result is positive to determine what to do next.

Since people will need to start getting tested on Monday (if they’re procedure is scheduled for Wednesday), please note our offices are already contacting patients - Thank you for helping spread the word!

CVPH Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Has a New Location

206 Cornelia Street Suite 201, Plattsburgh

Phone: (518) 561-5516
Fax: (518) 563-742

Nasopharyngeal collections for Influenza and RSV testing notice

Cardiology testing Update

All cardiology outpatient testing is being scheduled by the cardiologist office. Their scheduling phone number is (518) 314-3591 and their fax number is (518) 314-3354. All orders and questions for outpatient cardiology testing should be directed to these numbers and no longer go to the Pre-Access Center. For questions please call cardiology at (518) 314-3591.

The list of tests being scheduled by cardiology are below:

  • All holter monitors
  • Cardiac event monitors
  • Zio Patches
  • All echocardiograms
  • All stress test
  • Exercise tolerance test
  • Tilt table exams

ICD-10:Z00.00 Lab Orders

The CVPH Laboratory leadership has notice that often providers are ordering tests and are failing to give a valid diagnosis codes (ICD) for testing. If providers state “ICD-10:Z00.00 – Encounter for General Adult Medical examination without abnormal findings” on the test, it will fail medical billing requirements. Please provide an appropriate valid ICD when ordering lab test (why are you ordering the test).  


For diagnostic cards, with instructions on calling Central Scheduling, please email me at I am happy to drop them off at your office. These wallet cards are helpful for patients.

To access diagnostic grid please go to If you are sending a patient for a COVID-19 test, please call CVPH Patient Registration at (518) 562-7091 and then fax the order to (518) 314-3980.

CVPH Patient Transfer Hotline

As part of our ongoing effort to improve quality of care, UVM Health Network – CVPH has implemented a “Patient Transfer Hotline.”  This “one call” hotline provides rapid transfer and direct admissions of patients, thus ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Toll Free Line

(866) 648-4886

An experienced RN Case Manager is on call to answer the hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This facilitates getting the patient to the right bed, in the right facility, and will improve communication and efficiency. Referring physicians are linked to receiving physicians on a recorded line to ensure real-time capture of vital information

COVID-19 NYS Hotline

  • The New York State Department of Health has established a toll-free Novel Coronavirus Hotline. Call 888-364-3065.

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