Employees Giving Back

Thanks to the generosity of our employees and the great work of our Department Champions, we surpassed our goal this year for new donors to the "Employee I Give" campaign. Click here to see how donation dollars are spent.

Helping Our Patients, Our People and Our Community

At the Foundation of CVPH, we recognize that providing excellent health care often goes beyond the bedside. Financial support can provide critical needs that otherwise might not be met, help our employees grow and gain important knowledge to better care for patients, and promote healthy living throughout the community. We are proud of the many employees who open up their hearts for those causes by donating to the Foundation. Over the next few weeks, we’re excited about the prospects of even more members of the hospital family joining the effort to invest in our patients, our peers and the community through the Foundation’s Employee I Give campaign. Click here to download an I Give pledge form.


Why Our Employees Give

Hundreds of people who work for CVPH make a dramatic difference in thousands of lives at the hospital and across the North Country by contributing to the Foundation. The reasons for giving back can be very personal. Whatever the motivation may be, the result is the same: better care for our patients, our people and our community. What is your “Why?”

The Power of One

The Foundation of CVPH strongly believes that each donor can have a huge impact on health care in our region. Whether it’s $1 a paycheck, one donation a month or a one-time gift, that money stays right here in the community. No contribution is too small to make a big difference for our patients and your co-workers. Learn how CVPH employees are paying it forward with their donations; take a closer look at the many ways your gift can help our patients, our people and our community; and see why every donation makes a difference, no matter the size.

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