SYSTEM OUTAGE ALERT: Get more information on the ongoing cyberattack affecting the UVM Health Network.



Request to CVPH Primary Care and Specialty Practice Patients

Due to the recent cyberattack against the UVM Health Network, CVPH is asking all patients with appointments with physician offices (see list below) to call 24 hours in advance of their appointment. This request is for all appointments with physician offices beginning Thursday, November 5 until further notice.

On November 5, our practices’ access to appointment schedules and our ability to send a reminder call for your appointment will be temporarily restricted, so the advanced call will help reduce wait times by ensuring we’re ready for you on arrival. If you are unable to call 24 hours prior to your appointment, you will still be seen. 

To keep call volume steady and manageable, we are asking you to wait until 24 hours before your appointment and to call during our normal business hours (8:00am – 4:30 pm).  If you receive voicemail, please leave your name, date of birth, date of appointment and return phone number. Your call is very important and will be returned promptly.  For security purposes, we are unable to receive email at this time, so please be sure to call.

As always, please bring your list of medications with you to your appointment.

For the most current information related to UVM Health Network cyberattack, please visit


Practice Name
CVPH Adult Medicine
(518) 561-1322

CVPH Cardiology
(518) 563-2404

CVPH Dermatology
(518) 562-7771

CVPH Ear, Nose, Throat
(518) 563-8050

CVPH Electrophysiology
(518) 562-7993

CVPH Endocrinology
(518) 314-3460

CVPH Family Medicine
(518) 314-3939

CVPH Gastroenterology
(518) 314-3926

CVPH General Surgery
(518) 561-6410

CVPH Interventional Cardiology
(518) 562-7990

CVPH Neurology
(518) 314-3344

CVPH Neurosurgery
(518) 562-7544

(518) 314-3511

CVPH Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
(518) 561-5516

CVPH Pain Management
(518) 562-7590

CVPH Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery
(518) 562-7771

CVPH Pulmonology
(518) 562-7705

CVPH Sleep Lab
(518) 562-7705

CVPH Urology
(518) 561-3900