Circle of Healing and Hope Remembrance Ceremony Set for June 25

Each year, the families, friends and loved ones of those recently honored with a paver at the Foundation of CVPH’s Circle of Healing and Hope assemble to remember and celebrate - together. This year, that special gathering, the Circle of Healing and Hope Annual Remembrance Ceremony, is set for Tuesday, June 25 at 4 pm at the Angel of Hope on the University of Vermont Health Network – Champlain Valley Physician Hospital’s (CVPH) front lawn.

The 2024 event will include words by Jacqueline Hallock and music by Chris Sarkis.

“This ceremony brings people from all walks of life together to honor those we’ve lost and find solace in our collective strength,” explained Events and Special Projects Manager Michelle Senecal.

The Circle of Healing and Hope is designed to provide a quiet space to reflect and recharge while offering hope and strength during difficult times. The Foundation provides the opportunity to purchase granite pavers to honor or memorialize a loved one, friend or colleague, according to Senecal.

The Angel of Hope is the center piece of the space and is based on the statue in Richard Paul Evan’s novel, “The Christmas Box.” It is the 102nd angel of its kind in the United States. On December 6 at 4 pm each year, a candlelight vigil is held at the Angel and at all Angel of Hope statues around the country. For more information, contact Senecal at 518-314-3359.