Cart with a Heart

Our Cart with a Heart helps your stay with us all the more comfortable with complimentary personal items and activities.

Cart with a Heart

We at CVPH want your visit with us to be as comfortable as possible.  Our Cart with a Heart Patient Concierge Program, run through Volunteer Services, helps us do just that.

Volunteers visit each floor daily, Monday - Friday, with a wide variety of items to make your hospital stay as comfortable and convenient as possible.  All items are offered at no charge to you - courtesy of CVPH and the Foundation - and subject to availability.

Items Available

Personal Items Activities Miscellaneous
Deodorant Newspapers Prayer Card/Bibles
Toothpaste Magazines Batteries
Toothbrushes Word Games Eye Masks
Dental Floss Adult Coloring Books Ear Plugs
Combs Colored Pencils  
Brushes Pens  
Emory Boards Note Pads  
Lip Balm    
Hair Clips/Ties    
Slipper Socks    


If you miss the Cart with a Heart during its daily weekday visit, please contact Volunteer Services at ext. 3555.