At CVPH, we value the importance of family and friends in the healing process.

CVPH embraces the concept of family-centered care by encouraging family support and visitation in an environment that promotes patient comfort, rest and safety. 

Please keep in mind that while some patients enjoy visitors, others may prefer the opportunity to quietly rest and recuperate.  If you do visit, please comply with visiting hours, be considerate of the person you're visiting as well as other patients.  And please do not visit if you are ill as hospital patients are often more vulnerable to acquiring infections.

CVPH Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours

To help foster a healing environment, we ask that you be respectful of all patients and schedule your visit during visiting hours.

Locations & Directions to CVPH

Locations & Directions

CVPH serves Northern New York at its main campus in Plattsburgh and other locations throughout the area.

Visitor Amneniteis at CVPH


CVPH proudly offers a variety of amenities to assist you during your hospital visit.

CVPH Phone Numbers

Contact Us

Main Number   
(518) 561-2000
Contact a Patient
(518) 561-2000
(518) 562-7340
Patient Billing Questions
(800) 847-8000
Financial Advocate
(518) 562-7075
Discharge Planning
(518) 562-7395
Medical Records
(518) 562-7930
Patient Advocate Manager
(518) 314-3054
Gift Shop
(518) 562-7992
(518) 562-7050
Lodging Near CVPH

Hotels & Lodging

CVPH has arrangements with several local hotels to provide discounted room rates to patients and family members who have to travel to Plattsburgh from out of town.  For a list of participating lodging properties, contact Patient Registration at (518) 562-7339.

Circle of Healing & Hope

Reflection &
Spiritual Care

CVPH provides spiritual and emotional support to patients and families in a variety of ways: