Visiting Hours

Visits from family and friends can play an important role in the healing process.

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We strive to provide a supportive and healing environment for our patients. Our open visitation guidelines reflect that effort while balancing the need to assure our patients have the opportunity to rest and recover.

Please consider:

  • Not visiting a loved one if you're not feeling well; have a cough, fever or runny nose.  All patients receive free WiFi and phone access. Keep in touch using technology and help your loved one heal.
  • Visiting guidelines at CVPH can change temporarily to address community or facility-specific health concerns. During flu or RSV season, for example, visitation may be limited.
  • Our number one priority is the health and wellbeing of our patients, your loved one.  Should visitation interfere with the care of our patients, we reserve the right to limit it.
  • Children under the age of 12 should be escorted by adult and should not visit if they are ill.


Visiting Hours

Inpatient Units Behavioral Health
Center for Women & Children FitzPatrick Cancer Center
Surgery Emergency Department
After Hours



Inpatient Units

Open visitation until 8:30 pm.

Center for Women and Children

  • We welcome visitors to our area based on the new parent’s recommendations. 
  • We often will ask visitors to step out to allow the staff to care for mom, infant and dad. 
  • Our lactation consultant requires access to assist parents with successful breastfeeding. 
  • Quiet time is from 1pm – 3pm

Labor, Delivery, Recovery

  • Patient designated visitors are welcome unless that person’s presence infringes on other’s rights or is interfering with the patient's care.
  • It’s recommended no more than 4 visitors at one time including coach and significant other.
  • Coach and significant other having open access.
  • Siblings of the newborn only will have open access.


  • Access to the Nursery is restricted to mother and father/designated support person wearing identification bands.


  • Only two visitors at a time.
  • No children other than siblings of the newborn.
  • In the event the newborn is sick, grandparents will be gowned and accompanied by the mother or support person wearing the identification band.



Surgical Family Waiting Area

  • The Surgical Patient Family Area, located on the second floor, is for patients having ambulatory surgery, outpatient cardiac catheritization or invasive radiology.
  • We recommend that a support person accompany the patient after their assessment has been completed.  Two adults may accompany a pediatric patient (under 16 years of age).
  • Family members are welcome to wait in this area during the surgical procedure. It is also recommended that family members report to the Volunteer at the desk if and when they leave the area.

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

  • PACU is a critical care area for procedural and surgical patients.
    One family member/significant other will be designated as the contact person.  That person will be allowed a brief visit in PACU at the discretion of the nurse and the level of acuity within the unit.
  • Children under 18 will be allowed both parents to visit at same time.
  • Visitors will be escorted to PACU.

Behavioral Health

Adult Mental Health
Monday - Friday, 6pm - 7pm
Saturday - Sunday, 3pm - 5 pm

Visits may be scheduled at other times through your physician, social worker or nurse.

Child &Adolescent Mental Health
Monday - Friday, 5pm - 6 pm
Saturday - Sunday, 4pm - 6 pm

Visits may be scheduled at other times through your physician, social worker or nurse.


FitzPatrick Cancer Center

  • Family may accompany patients in the Clinic Area.
  • In order to avoid potential exposure to chemotherapy agents however, children under the age of 16 will not be permitted to enter the infusion area.


Emergency Department

  • Two support system/family members are allowed at one time 24-hours a day.
  • It’s a good idea for the patient to select a support person as a contact person.  The point person can then communicate with the patient's family.
  • Children under the age of 18 will be allowed both parents to visit at the same time.
  • Please note that visiting is at the discretion of the nurse and acuity within the unit.


After Hours

  • Visitors wishing to remain after visiting hours are complete at 8:30 pm, please visit the unit’s nurses station as our patient care team needs to be aware of who is remaining on the unit.  You may be given a visitors’ badge to wear for security reasons.
  • After 9 pm, all visitors requesting access to inpatient units should enter through the Emergency Department. 
  • Visitors will be given a badge and escorted to their desired location.