New Nurse Residency

The CVPH Nurse Residency Program provides additional support to all our newly graduated RNs to provide a smooth transition from school to practice.

Newly graduated Registered Nurses face many challenges as they transition from school to the bedside including role transition, high performance expectations in a high acuity setting, and an increased level of accountability. The CVPH New Nurse Residency program provides additional tools to make the transition to clinical practice easier for our new RNs and prepares them for a successful start to their careers with the hospital.


National Recognition in Supporting New Nurses

The CVPH New Nurse Residency Program is proud to be accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) as a Practice Transition Program (PTAP) since 2018. PTAP accreditation is considered the gold standard for nurse residency programs around the world. By meeting the standards set by the ANCC, we know our new nurses are going to feel supported and confident and have the experiences necessary to provide excellent care to our patients. ANCC accreditation also gives nurse residents assurance that CVPH offers an elevated transition program with a clear course of instruction and reliable evaluation methods.


About the Program

The CVPH New Nurse Residency Program began in December 2013, becoming the 59th accredited program in the United States and the second in New York State. It has continued successfully every year since then, welcoming cohorts ranging in size from 22 to 53 Graduate Nurses. 

The program begins on day of hire and includes:

  • Onboarding and orientation process
  • Clinical and unit orientation
  • Education seminars totaling 40 hours over the course of one year
  • Continued professional development

Time will be spent on real practice challenge discussions, case studies, simulations, peer support discussions, learning from content experts, and classroom time.

Key Objectives of the program include:

  • Provide a smooth transition from school to practice
  • Develop clinical competence & confidence
  • Promote professional involvement and growth
  • Promote a healthy work environment

"It was just a great experience. It's definitely something that made the transition to my new career less stressful."

- Emily Estus, RN on her time in the CVPH New Nurse Residency

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