Faculty & Facility

The CVPH School of Radiologic Technology is part of the CVPH Medical Center, a not-for-profit community hospital. CVPH is part of the UVM Health Network. CVPH is governed by Michelle LeBeau, President and COO and a board of trustees.

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Currently, the school classroom is located in Suite 301 at 210 Cornelia Street, Plattsburgh NY. Building 210 is adjacent to the main campus of the hospital. This dedicated space is used exclusively by school faculty and enrolled students. This space consists of a non-energized lab, computer lab (3 units), classroom (seats 14) equipped with a smart board, breakroom, two bathrooms, storage room and faculty office. There are also secured lockers assigned to each student. The main hospital campus can be reached via connector hallways, within a few minutes’ walk.

Clinical Sites

This program has five recognized clinical sites:


The school faculty consist of three (3) full time employees.

  • Director: Betsy Lombard, MA, RT (R)(M)
  • Clinical Coordinator: Marla Garcia, BS, RT (R)(M)
  • Clinical Instructor: Jessica Hanson, BS, RT (R)

There are also several adjunct instructors:

  • Nicole Kurz, BS, RT (R)(MR)(CT)
  • Kristen Langr, BS, RT (R)(CT)
  • John Ryan, RPh
  • Joshua Turner, AS, RT (R)