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This page contains details and contact information for members after the Center’s closing.


The CVPH Wellness & Fitness Center initially closed in March 2020 to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In September, it was announced that the facility would not re-open. Putting patients first is what we do as an organization. The unfortunate reality is that the pandemic has hurt us financially and is placing us in a position to assess all of our lines of business. 

Some members have been calling and emailing with questions about the Center closing. Below are answers to the 3 most frequently asked questions we are receiving:

Q: How and when will I be reimbursed?
A: Members will be reimbursed any dues and prepaid services, such as personal training and swim lessons, on their accounts. The refunds will be processed using a current card on file or a check. It could take up to 30 days to process all refunds.

Q: How can I collect my personal items out of my locker?
A: Please call Dana Jeweler at (518) 314-3320 or email her to schedule an appointment to collect your personal items from your locker. The deadline to contact Dana is January 11, 2021.

Q: Is any of the equipment for sale?
A: The equipment is not for sale. We are exploring options for the facility and considering potential partnerships, so the equipment must stay.

Members with further questions can call (518) 314-3320 or fill out the form below to send an email. Someone will respond to you as quickly as possible during normal business hours.

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