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What Is The CARES Program?
The Charity Care Program at CVPH is designed to help people who are uninsured or underinsured and do not have the ability to pay. All patients receive medical care regardless of ability to pay. You must meet the eligibility requirements. You are expected to contribute to your care based on your ability to pay. This is not an insurance program, and is not meant to replace benefits that are, or could be, received from government-supported programs. It is the intention of CVPH Medical Center to offer assistance to our most financially needy patients. 

CVPH provides financial assistance to all eligible NYS residents for emergency services in our primary services areas: Clinton, Franklin and Essex counties of New York State and for non emergency medically necessary services. CVPH may extend CARES to other geographic areas on a case by case basis.

Who Is Eligible?
Participants must meet the eligibility requirements (below) and comply with the guidelines. This program is only for services provided by CVPH Medical Center.

Who Is Not Eligible?
Those who exceed the income and other guidelines.

The Charity Care Program does have limits to what it will cover. What is not covered?

   •Services provided by physicians that do not work for CVPH Medical Center
   •Cosmetic surgery
   •Charges not incurred at CVPH Medical Center

How and When Do I Apply?
Anyone wishing to apply should contact CVPH Patient Accounts one of the following ways;

   •Download the application
   •Phone 562-7074. We would be happy to provide you with an appointment to assist you in completing your application.
   •Email us at
   •Visit our Customer Service Representative next to the Cashier's Office outside the main lobby at 75 Beekman Street, Plattsburgh. We're open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You can apply for the Charity Care Program any time prior to services being rendered. If you are applying after services have been rendered, you have a maximum of 120 days from the date of service to make application. Once you have received the application, you have 20 days to submit the completed form. While your application is being processed, you may disregard any bills from CVPH Medical Center until you have received a written decision on your application.

Where Do I go from Government Supported Health Insurance?
If you are unsure of how to obtain information about government supported health insurance, you can contact Adirondack Health Institute at 518-562-3740 or Fidelis Care at 888-343-3547. Adirondack Health Institute and Fidelis Care will provide assistance in applying for Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus. Both agencies work with staff at CVPH to help community members obtain/apply for government-supported health insurance. For more information about these services please contact them directly or call us at 562-7074.

How Do I Know I Qualify?
Up to 400% of the Federal Poverty Guideline

Family Size Annual Monthly Income Monthly Family Income
1 Up to $44,680 Up to $3,723
2 Up to $60,520 Up to $5,043
3 Up to $76,360 Up to $6,363
4 Up to $92,200 Up to $7,683
5 Up to $108,040 Up to $9,003
6 Up to $123,880 Up to $10,323

What Documentation is Required?
In order to determine the fee-scale amount and eligibility for financial assistance, the patient will have to provide the following documentation: 
   •All household income documents; paystubs or W2 withholding form
   •Pension or retirement benefits
   •Rental income statements
   •Unemployment insurance benefits
   •Proof of the balance in your HSA/HRA if applicable
   •Verification of residency

 What Happens After I Apply?
A determination will be based on information provided. You will be notified in writing of the determination. 
   •100% - 150% approval: No balance due.
   •Partial approval: Those who have been accepted and who have income between 151% and 400% of the federal poverty guidelines will receive a partial sliding scale discount based on the reimbursement rate of the highest volume commercial payer.
   •Denial: Denials are based on information provided by you and will be specific as to what Charity Care eligibility the patent did not meet.

What If I am Denied?
If you are denied Charity Care, a written explanation will be provided. You may appeal your denial and provide additional information in writing to:

Katherine Peterson
Charity Care
PO Box 2868
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Can I make Payment on my balance after CARES?
Yes, CVPH Medical Center offers a patient payment plan or contract account in order to assist you in fulfilling your financial obligations. Payment in full is preferred; however, financial arrangements are available.

If you have a financial hardship, please call our Patient Accounting Customer Service Representative. We will be happy to assist you with options. All payment arrangements must be approved and coordinated with the Patient Accounting Customer Service representatives at  562-7074 after receipt of the first bill. For each financial arrangement established you will receive a letter from the Patient Accounting Customer Service representative with the details of the contract account. This letter must be signed and returned to CVPH Medical Center Business Office. As new services are incurred, additional balances can be moved to the contract account. The agreement will have to be re-evaluated to determine the financial arrangement. A new agreement will be generated. You must contact CVPH Medical Center Patient Accounting Customer Service (562-7074) to have the balance added to the contract account.