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Interpretation, Signing and Translation

Patients have the Right to:

  • Request a medical interpreter anytime, even if they speak limited English, this should not be decided by hospital staff.
  • Use or refuse the CVPH Medical Center Interpreter system, face-to-face or over the phone.

Language Interpretive Services offered at CVPH Medical Center:

  • Cyracom VRI (Video Remote Interpretation) – Skype type sign language interpretation.
  • 24-hour Telephone Interpretation Service (language interpreter line) via a 24-hour telephone system (Clear link)
  • CVPH Medical Center has patient telephones with Braille which can also be obtained by contacting the telecommunication representative (Operator)
CVPH Medical Center staff is committed to providing quality care to non-English speaking patients and those patients who are hearing and visually impaired. We contract with Cyracom Language Line Services for telephonic language interpretation services. This service provides professional medical interpreters to patients and their families who are limited-English-proficient or who are deaf. Our goal is to be sure that patients and their surrogate decision makers are able to understand medical conditions and treatments so they are able to make informed health care decisions.


We recognize that language barriers make it difficult for non-English speaking patients to obtain information about medical services, to make appointments, understand how to obtain medical insurance and navigate the health care system in general. Non-English speaking patients are also more likely to experience negative outcomes due to the inability to communicate effectively with their caregivers.

Professional medical interpreters are available 24/7 to all patients and families for appointments, procedures and hospital stay. There is no cost for these services. The hospital also provides appropriate auxiliary aids free of charge, including:

  • Written materials
  • Telephone handset amplifiers
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Visual enhancement lens.

Let us know if you need assistance with communication due to hearing, vision and/or speech impairments, or if you want to communicate with your providers in a language other than English.

Federal and State regulations require that we strongly encourage patients to use the Cyracom Language Line as there are risks if you choose to have a family member or friend interpret for you. That person may:

  • Not know the correct medical word and give you incorrect information;
  • Add or leave out information;
  • Learn things about you that you may not want to share;
  • Tell others about your health condition;
  • Misunderstand what your caregiver says; and
  • Assessment and/or medical treatment may be delayed if he/she is not present when needed.

You do have the rights to refuse the language line service by signing a wavier of interpreter service. At any point during your hospital stay you can request the use of the language line free of charge.

Languages available at Champlain Valley Physician Hospital

For communication across languages

Amharic (Ethiopia)
Farsi (Persian)
Haitian (Creole)
Hmong (Tone based Asian)
Karen (Lower Myanmar (Burma) & border of Thailand)
Punjabi (Pakistan and India)
Tagalog (Regions of Philippines)
Urdu (Indo-Aryan – Pakistan and India)

Community Agencies and Links:

North Country Association for the Visually Impaired
22 US Oval – suite B-15
Plattsburgh, NY 12903
518-562- 2330

North Country Center for Independence
80 Sharron Ave.
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
518-563-9058 (Phone & TTY)

The Starkey Hearing Foundation
6700 Washington Ave.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3402
National non-profit program committed to assisting deaf and hard of hearing persons with limited financial resources.

NYS Talking Book and Braille Library
Cultural Education Center
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12230
Email -
Provides free library services to eligible residents of Upstate New York who cannot read or hold standard print materials. It makes available recorded and Braille materials.

Speech and Hearing Center
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh State University
Sibley Hall, Room 224
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Hours M-F
8am to 4:30pm

CVPH Contacts
Cristina Lund RN, PCC
518 - 561- 2000 ext-5066
Daniel Lee RN, Director, Pateint Care Resources
Peggy Tolosky RN, Quality & Safety