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Behavioral Health

Adult Mental Health Unit

Fourth Floor, Main Building (West and East Wing)

The unit's mission is to provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, treatment, and after care planning in a community hospital setting for a population age 18 and up. The unit has been designed to promote wellness versus a sick role. The physical layout is intended to resemble home surroundings. Milieu therapy is considered an important method of treatment.

Family involvement in treatment is an important consideration. The staff also provides adequate discharge planning with appropriate referrals to prevent relapses. The goal is to render the patients capable of returning to their families and community utilizing the case management model. Staff concurrently arranges for diagnosis and treatment of medical or surgical disorders that afflict patients on the unit.

The unit provides holistic care using the multidisciplinary approach for psychiatric patients.

These patients include the following categories:

  1. Substance Use Disorders
  2. Schizophrenic Disorders
  3. Paranoid Disorders
  4. Psychotic Disorders
  5. Affective Disorders
  6. Anxiety Disorders
  7. Somata form Disorders
  8. Dissociative Disorders
  9. Factitious Disorders
  10. Impulse Control Disorders
  11. Adjustment Disorders
  12. Personality Disorders
  13. Conduct Disorders
  14. Psychological Factors Affecting Physical Condition
  15. Conditions not attributable to a mental disorder that are a focus of attention or treatment
  16. Suicidal/Homicidal Patients
  17. Mood Disorders

The Child & Adolescent Mental Health Unit

Fourth Floor, Main Building

The mission of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit is to provide extensive evaluation and short-term inpatient treatment experience for children and adolescents utilizing the support of family and other community resources. Patients range from age 6 to 18.

Capacity for the unit is 12 patients, all of whom are accommodated in private rooms. There is also a seclusion room available. The unit was designed to promote wellness and to resemble home surroundings.

Services provided include:

  • Family/individual and group treatment Education for the patient's family regarding the patient's mental illness and treatment recommendations.
  • Academic services are provided for patients five days a week comparable to the individual's school curriculum.
  • Discharge planning that begins upon admission. The patient, patient's family, school and community services are active participants in the treatment planning and discharge plans.