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Saebo Arm Training

The Saebo Arm Training Program is a specialized treatment approach designed to maximize your arm and hand function after a neurological injury such as a stroke.

This program is designed to help you use your weak hand for grasp and release activities by using a special hand splint, called the SaeboFlex orthosis.The SaeboFlex orthosis features a spring-loaded finger extension system that provides resistance to the muscles that are used to grasp and assist in opening the hand and fingers for releasing.It can be used with hands that have high tone or spasticity.

The SaeboReach not only incorporates the involved wrist and hand,but also the elbow. It consists of the SaeboFlex and an above-elbow component.It is designed for those who have difficulty straightening the elbow.The dynamic elbow extension system allows you to incorporate the elbow for functional reach during grasp and release activities. It can be used with patients who have high tone in the elbow.

The SaeboStretch is a dynamic hand splint which is designed to help prevent joint damage while improving range of motion.It has a unique hand piece that allows the fingers to move through flexion caused by increased tone but then gradually repositions the fingers into extension.

The Saebo Arm Training Program might not be right for everyone.It is designed for people who have some shoulder and elbow movement but little to no hand function.The time since your injury doesn’t matter.Patients have shown functional improvements as much as 20 years after their injury.CVPHMedicalCenter’s Occupational therapist is a Saebo-trained therapist and can determine if you are a good candidate.