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Surgery Facilities

Located on the second floor of CVPH Medical Center in either new (2008) or newly remodeled (2009) facilities, Perioperative Services or surgery as many people think of it is an attractive, convenient and highly efficient department designed to help generate high quality care. The staff of surgeons, nurses, techs and other support personnel is highly trained, skilled and dedicated.

From a patient's perspective as well as that of family or friends accompanying the patient, the program has been designed for convenience and privacy. Enter the front lobby of CVPH and take the elevator; your only option is up to the second floor and the surgery waiting area where patients sign in. The waiting area overlooks the front lobby.

From there patients go next door to the Ambulatory Care Unit to be prepared for their procedure. There are 14 private rooms designed so that someone can be with you until the time for your procedure.

The department has nine major procedure rooms including two designated as cardiovascular operating rooms. The suites are located adjacent to the Ambulatory Care Unit and to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. The procedure rooms are large, fully equipped, and well designed for efficiency and quality no matter what the specialty procedure being performed. The operating rooms are in full compliance with all national and state regulations, meeting and often exceeding standards.

The Post Anesthesia Care Unit is contiguous to the surgery suites and includes 10 cubicles separated by curtains and two negative pressure isolation rooms. This unit was designed to provide visualization and constant surveillance of each patient. It is equipped for staff to provide intensive nursing care for patients in the immediate post-surgical phase of their care. Patients being admitted to CVPH for overnight care go from here to their nursing-unit room. Post Anesthesia Care is on the same floor and in close proximity to the 14-bed Intensive Care Unit.

Patients who have ambulatory or same-day procedures routinely are discharged from the Ambulatory Care Unit, where they began their process. They exit using the rear door of the same elevator that took them to the waiting area and are met at the front lobby door by their ride home.

On average, more than 700 surgical procedures are performed each month at CVPH. More than two-thirds of the patients are able to go home that same day and do not have to be admitted to the hospital.

The Ambulatory Care Unit is designed to provide flexibility of patient care for pre- and post-surgery, Invasive Radiology, and the Teaching Assessment Before Surgery (TABS) Program. Staff prepares patients and family/significant others physically, emotionally and psychologically for surgery. As part of TABS, nursing and anesthesia interviews, preoperative teaching, lab studies and EKG's are performed.

Endoscopy is comprised of two procedure suites and a 4-bed recovery area. Approximately 200 procedures are performed monthly including sigmoidoscopies, colonscopies, gastroscopies, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomies and endoscopic retrograde pancreatography.
The new Surgical Wing at CVPH Medical Center opened in 2008 and greatly enhanced our ability to provide top quaility surgical services to the North Country.

Two of the nine major procedure rooms are designated cardiovascular operating rooms.

Located next to the surgical suites, the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) was designed by staff and is equipped with everything needed to offer patients intensive post surgical care.