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Total Joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgery involves the surgical replacement of diseased joint surfaces with implants designed to restore proper, pain-free function of the joint. The orthopedic surgeons at CVPH perform joint replacement procedures using a variety of techniques to best benefit the individual patient and his or her needs. All joint replacements have potential problems but successful outcomes are in the great majority – as is the case with knee and hip replacement – so patients have good reason to expect a successful outcome to their surgeries.

A knee replacement replaces your diseased knee joint and eliminates the damaged  surfaces that are causing you pain. The design of the implant offers you renewed stability and minimizes the wear process. Modern knee replacement surgery has a very high success rate, and offers many patients great improvements in quality of life.

A hip replacement replaces your arthritic or degenerative hip joint and eliminates the damaged surfaces that are causing you pain. The implant, therefore, provides renewed stability and joint function. Hip replacement surgery also has a very high success rate, and can result in an incredible quality of life improvement to many patients.

We have designed a special program to best meet the needs of our total joint replacement patients that includes pre-procedure education, care on the R6 Nursing Unit through our unique Joint Camp, and highly effective rehabilitative services provided to inpatients and available post hospital discharge. From surgeons to nurses and physical therapists, our joint replacement patients enjoy the skill and expertise of true orthopedic specialists, another reason why outcomes are so positive for patients experiencing knee and hip replacement.